Nicole found her home in London after relocating from Italy at a young age, Embracing the city's vibrant energy, she’s become our go-to person for insider tips on the best places to explore here, especially given her knack for uncovering hidden gems, When not typing away, she’s often painting watercolours of London’s various scenes – or exploring yet another of its nooks and crannies. Nicole, a creative writer, found her home in London after relocating from Italy at a young age, Embracing the city's vibrant energy, she takes her love for writing on the move when rotating through the many cafes across London, The ambient noise and casual conversations with locals serve as the backdrop for her creative process, turning her favourite spots in Notting Hill into her office. Beyond the written word, Nicole likes to immerse herself in the city’s atmosphere. She spends lazy afternoons in local tea houses, savouring unique blends that inspire her creativity, She also loves to depict it through watercolour painting, capturing the city's varied scenes from the banks of the Regent's Canal to the lively streets of Brick Lane. When Nicole isn't typing or painting away, you'll find her exploring iconic landmarks like Tower Bridge and Covent Garden, She also has a knack for uncovering hidden gems in the city – be they markets or independent shops, Her talent for discovering these unique spots makes her our go-to person for insider tips on the best places to explore in London.
The 5 best piercing studios to visit in London

The 7 best piercing studios to visit in London

Looking for the perfect piercing studio to express your unique style? Luckily, London has you covered! This metropolis is known for its eclectic mix of tradition and modernity and offers an incredible selection of piercing hubs.  Whether you’re a seasoned piercing enthusiast or just now looking to add a touch of sparkle to your style, […]

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Best Film Locations in London

Going behind the scenes: What are London’s top film locations?

Something magical happens when we see familiar places from the big screen suddenly appear in real life. There’s a thrill in recognising that street corner from a spy chase, or that cosy pub where your favourite rom-com couple had their meet-cute.  If you love spotting those cinematic gems hidden across London, you’re in the right […]

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Do You Need a Car in London

Street savvy: Do you need a car in London? Things you need to consider

“To drive or not to drive, that is the question.”  Okay, maybe Shakespeare didn’t face the London commute, but this query is arguably among the most important we face today, play or no play. Specifically, do you need a car in London? You generally don’t need a car in London (especially Central London). It’s expensive […]

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What is London Famous for

Fog, Big Ben, the Crown, and more: What is London famous for? 

They say folks in London love a good queue, have questionable taste in food (jellied eels, anyone?), and could use a bit of sunshine. Well, I say stereotypes are there to be shattered!  Sure, we might embrace the occasional downpour and have a soft spot for a good chip butty, but London is so much […]

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5 Best Coliving Spaces in London

5 Best Coliving Spaces in London 

Pollen CoLiving The Collective Old Oak Lyvly Mason & Fifth Domi Coliving How We Picked the Top Coliving Spaces in London 1. Pollen CoLiving Website:  Address: 14 Ivor Grove, London SE9 2AJ, United Kingdom Contact Details: +44 20 8720 9254 2. The Collective – Old Oak Website:  Address: Nash House, Old Oak Ln, […]

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5 Best Waxing Salons in London

8 Best Waxing Salons in London 

Lovelles Beauty Pure Wax London The Brazilian Wax Waxing Boutique Waxing Specialist Hot Wax London Ltd. Beauty Essence Victoria Beauty Salon How We Picked the Top Waxing Salons in London  1. Lovelles Beauty Website: Address: 395 Strand, London WC2R 0LP, United Kingdom Contact Details: Book an Appointment Online; [email protected]; 07903682606 Operating Hours: Mon to FriL: 10am […]

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Best Restaurants in Camden

Epicurean escapade: What are the best restaurants in Camden?

Much like Camden’s renowned music scene and bustling markets, its food landscape thrives, offering an ensemble of diverse dining experiences that sing to the tune of your cravings. From sizzling street food vendors lining the canals to intimate family-run joints, this place has a feast for every taste. Get ready to embark on a delicious […]

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Escape Rooms London

Best Escape Rooms in London – Can You Escape These Rooms?

Escape rooms in London are a challenging but incredibly fun way to spend a day in London. Here are the best!

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Best Things To Do During Winter in London

Ice, spice & everything nice: What are the best things to do in London during winter?

Who needs sunshine when you can have fairy lights? If you’re tired of chasing summer and ready to dive into the magic of the colder months, London in winter is calling your name.  Forget vitamin D, this trip is all about festive cheer and an extra slice (or two) of Christmas pudding. From the twinkling […]

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Best Cake Shops in London

The top 5 cake shops in London for those with a sweet tooth

London can be a bit of a grey drizzle sometimes. But that just means it’s time to add a splash of sprinkles and a dollop of frosting to your day!  If you’re feeling like that, get ready to explore the sweetest side of London with our guide to the city’s top cake shops. Whether you’re […]

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