Best Jazz Clubs in London

Groove to the rhythm: What are the best jazz clubs in London?

Whether you’re drawn to the allure of class jazz clubs or prefer to explore the hidden gems tucked away in London’s musical fabric, we’ve got your guide to the ultimate jazz odyssey.  So, if you’re ready to let the music transport you, join us as we embark on a journey to uncover the jazz haunts […]

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Best Travel and Tours in London

The 6 best travel and tour agencies in London – for everything!

Let’s face it, finding the perfect London travel agency can take more work than deciphering Sherlock Holmes’s latest mystery.  From double-decker bus tours to the pageantry outside Buckingham Palace, the choices are as overwhelming as the crowds at Oxford Circus.  But don’t fret! We’re here to reveal the top travel and tour agencies in London […]

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How to Live as an American in London

Living in London as an American: Your ultimate guide to the most valuable tips

The oversized suitcase. The bewildered look at the first roundabout. The hesitant attempt to order a “coffee” instead of a baffling array of lattes and cappuccinos. Yep, you can usually tell who the Americans are when they first come to London. But hey, I understand – I relocated here too from sunny Italy, so I […]

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Travel Guide to Soho

Everything you need to know about Soho in London

Welcome to Soho Soho is the part of London that doesn’t hold back. Vintage clothes abound, record stores flaunt, their rarest finds and hole-in-the-wall cafes serve up fuel for all-night creative benders). Here, you never know if a doorway leads to a world-famous cocktail bar or a hidden gallery showing the city’s latest artistic rebellion. […]

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Is Sky Garden Worth Visiting

Is Sky Garden worth visiting? It’s more than just the views! 

They say the views from Sky Garden are out of this world if Instagram is to be believed. But is it all just fancy marketing with a side of overpriced cocktails? Does the reality match the hype? In other words, is Sky Garden worth visiting?  In a nutshell, it is – at least, if you […]

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3 Day Itinerary in London

3-day London itinerary: Our suggested plan for a 72-hour trip

Who says you need weeks to experience a city? If you’re short on time but big on energy, this 3-day London itinerary is your adrenaline-fueled guide.  We’ve packed in all the essential sights, with each location just a 15 to 20-minute drive from the next. Mind, though: we’re not here for slow strolls but for […]

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What is London Famous for

Fog, Big Ben, the Crown, and more: What is London famous for? 

They say folks in London love a good queue, have questionable taste in food (jellied eels, anyone?), and could use a bit of sunshine. Well, I say stereotypes are there to be shattered!  Sure, we might embrace the occasional downpour and have a soft spot for a good chip butty, but London is so much […]

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Best Places for Indoor Golf in London

Wholesome swinging: What are the best spots for indoor golf in London?

Let’s be honest, none of us is the next Tiger Woods. In fact, most of us are lucky if we can consistently hit the ball further than the tee.  But hey, you don’t need to qualify for The Masters at the Augusta National to enjoy this sport! Heck, you don’t even need to be outdoors! […]

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Best Pizza Places in London

What are the best pizza places in London? We found them!

Calling all cheese lovers and crust connoisseurs in the city! Forget pineapple haters and debates about dipping sauces – if you believe that every day is a good day for pizza, we’re kindred spirits. Believe it or not, London’s pizza offerings are hotter than a brick oven, and we’re about to dish out the saucy […]

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Ultimate Travel Guide to Knightsbridge

Knightly pursuits: Our Knightsbridge travel guide 

Forget the cliché tales of enormous department stores and ostentatious goods, Knightsbridge is a treasure trove waiting to be uncovered. Behind its facade of opulence lies a world of serious culture and charm. So, buckle up since we’re about to explore the hidden gems and swanky wonders that make Knightsbridge a must-visit destination.  Time zone […]

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