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The 5 best psychologists in London according to experts (and their clients)

Have a crippling phobia that is starting to affect your daily life? Or maybe you’ve been tossing and turning at night, hearing voices in your head saying, you’re not good enough? 

The truth is that time off at work or a big exhale is just a band-aid solution for issues like these. Speaking with a professional is often what you really need to break the cycle of issues that’ve been pinning you down.

We spoke to a handful of mental health experts and clients to find London’s most reliable psychologists. So once you get that anxiety before a big presentation or feel underwhelmed with your career, you know who to call. 

How much does it cost to see a psychologist in London?

The cost of seeing a psychologist in London ranges from £100 to £180 per 50 minute session. This depends on various factors such as experience, specialisation, and type of session. Most psychologists accept insurance plans to make the costs more bearable. 

How we chose

  • Specialisation: We prioritised psychologists with specialised expertise to address specific mental health concerns such as anxiety, relationship dynamics, or trauma. 
  • Personality: We sought psychologists whose interpersonal style resonates with the client’s preferences and communication preferences. 
  • Credentials and Experience: We selected psychologists who possess the requisite licensure, credentials, and extensive experience. We looked into client testimonials and professional referrals to verify their reputation. 
  • Cost: We considered the value for money they offer, looking at session fees, insurance coverage, and any available discounts. 

1. Dr Siobhan McCarthy


Location: 39 Gilkes Cres, London SE21 7BP, United Kingdom 

Contact: +44 7796 530406 

Opening hours: Open 24 hours 


Our team conducted various (private) interviews with our top choices’ clients and Dr. McCarthy’s experience was clear from the start. With 25 years of experience in both the NHS and private practice, she’s obviously had experience treating a wide range of psychological issues.

During our sit-downs, clients frequently praised Dr. McCarthy’s safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment. Her respectful, patient, and understanding demeanour makes clients feel at ease, which encourages open communication. 

Another thing we love is her prompt and respectful approach to treatment. In fact, if she is unable to see a client immediately, she ensures they are referred to a trusted and experienced colleague.

In addition to her impressive credentials, Dr. McCarthy is also fully DBS-checked, which means she follows ethical practice and confidentiality. 

Most of the testimonials we gathered were overwhelmingly positive. However, some clients noted occasional issues with time management, such as late arrivals to sessions without prior notice.


  • 25 years of clinical experience
  • Holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
  • Tailors therapy to individual needs
  • Rated in the top 3 psychologists in the UK
  • Creates a supportive and non-judgmental space
  • Welcomes clients from all backgrounds
  • Member of BPS and BACP


  • (Rare) lapses in punctuality

Siobhan has literally been the most important thing to me this past year. Before, I felt lost and mentally was really going through a lot. I was ok and was in need of some serious guidance. Siobhan came through and helped me tremendously. She really helped me truly understand my mind. Helped me find a purpose and understand what my values are. I would 100% recommend using her if you can. Thank you so much Siobhan 🙂

Olajide Olatunji | Google Reviews

Siobhan is amazing and helped me when I was having one of the most busy and transformative years of my life. I’ve never been able to do mindfulness before but she taught it to me in a way that made sense and she also gave me the tools and confidence to manage difficult situations in a more constructive way.

Leah Green | Google Reviews

2. Dr Denise A. Freeman


Location: 6 Violet Hill, London NW8 5EB, United Kingdom 

Contact: +44 7963 236836

Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 9:00 PM 


Dr. Denise Freeman’s clinic provides comprehensive psychological services, dealing with various concerns such as anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges. With sessions lasting 50 minutes each, clients have ample time to communicate their issues.

From Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Mindfulness Based Approaches, she tailors her sessions to suit individual needs. She also offers corporate services that can be advantageous to small teams.

However, there have been reports where Dr. Freeman’s approach seemed dismissive or lacking in empathy. Some clients expressed disappointment when they felt like they were turned away without a thorough discussion of their needs.

Her expertise seems to be in helping individuals achieve long-lasting change. All people we talked to also agreed on her having a thorough and empathic approach. 

Apart from this, her clinic also offers a convenient online booking system for her patients. She also accepts both medically insured and private paying patients under her care.


  • Diverse background with experience in multiple countries
  • Integrative approach to therapy for customised treatment
  • Offers a wide range of therapeutic modalities
  • Accepts many insurance providers 
  • Easy online booking process
  • Open to both medically insured and private paying patients 
  • Corporate services available 


  • Single report of dismissal during initial consultation

I have worked with Denise for a few months and have had a great experience with her. I feel safe telling her about my insecurities and past trauma and she really helps to work out solutions. Denise cares a lot about the work that she does and I hope to be able to continue to grow with her support.

Ka Yee Cheung | Google Reviews 

Doctor Freeman is awesome to work with. She is professional, hollistic in her approach, highly emotionally intelligent and with a great sense of humour! She gave me the support and awareness I was looking for, I would recommend her 100%

Geraldine Chevillotte | Google Reviews 

3. Dr Samina Khatun 


Location: S Molton St, London W1K 5SL, United Kingdom 

Contact: +44 7395 624840 

Opening hours: Tuesday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM | Friday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Dr. Samina is a highly trained specialist counselling psychologist, boasting over a decade of clinical experience within both the NHS and private practice settings. 

What’s great about her is that she offers four different counselling plans. You can go for single sessions or weeks to months-long packages. There’s also a couples therapy offered for 60 minutes per session. 

We appreciate that her fees are flexible and fair. However, her strict policies may be a bit restrictive for some. For instance, patients need to deposit within 24 hours and rescheduling must be done 72 hours in advance.

Still, her approach to therapy is commendable and she’s registered with multiple health insurance providers, including AXA, AVIVA, WPA, and CIGNA. In particular, patients love her goal-oriented and methodical approach. 

Her clinic offers both in-person and online sessions, so she can accommodate busy schedules and those with travel commitments. We also like that remote sessions can be done via Skype, FaceTime, or Zoom for options.


  • 10+ years of clinical experience
  • Uses various therapeutic models, including CBT
  • Accepts AXA, AVIVA, WPA, and CIGNA insurance
  • Tailored session packages
  • Flexible and fair rates


  • Strict cancellation policy
  • Requires a deposit 

Samina worked with me as my counsellor for about two years. During that time she helped me work through many unresolved difficulties. The process was hard sometimes but she was always understanding, compassionate and through her wisdom guided me towards solving the problems. I can thoroughly recommend Samina. Working with her had a hugely beneficial impact on so many areas of my life.

Nigel Smith | Google Reviews 

I worked with Dr Samina for a few months in 2022 and I really appreciated the experience, I still think back to some of our discussions to this day. Our sessions were something I looked forward to every week and I thoroughly enjoyed her methodical approach. I felt at ease with her from the first phone call, but I also enjoyed the exercises and learning a bit of theory along the way!

Lorena Bălan | Google Reviews 

4. Dr. Joel Sheridan


Location: 12 Harley St, London W1G 9PG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3637 6239 

Opening hours: Tuesday – Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Dr. Joel Sheridan is a reputable private clinical psychologist in London with over 12 years of experience. 

His expertise covers a broad range of issues, including anxiety disorders, depression, low self-esteem, and PTSD. His clients particularly appreciate his ability to adapt sessions to suit individual needs.

Booking a session with Dr. Sheridan is also straightforward, especially for those with health insurance like Aviva, Allianz, Bupa Global, and more. Each 50 to 55-minute session is priced at £150, which is a fair rate given the high quality of care.

Despite the positive feedback, there are minor drawbacks, particularly when it comes to insurance. For instance, he’s currently not taking any Bupa patients – plus he no longer accepts new referrals from AXA PPP, Simply Health, and Vitality.

Fortunately, Dr. Sheridan is still able to accept various health insurance plans. This includes insurers such as Aviva, Allianz, Bupa Global, CIGNA, GeoBlue, TriCare, and WPA. 

If a patient is not with any of the mentioned insurers, Dr. Sheridan is open to communication. 


  • Over 12 years of clinical experience
  • Treats a wide range of issues
  • Accepts various health insurance plans
  • Practical advice and calm counsel
  • High-quality therapy for adults aged 18+
  • Fair session rates 


  • Not accepting new Bupa patients
  • No referrals from AXA PPP, Simply Health, and Vitality

Dr Sheridan was amazing. I spoke to him originally when I was in a state of high anxiety and his combination of calm counsel and practical advice was incredible. I loved my time with Joel, and I apply his tips, tactics, advice every single day (in fact I’m looking at it now as I type). I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Kev Chesters | Google Reviews

Therapy with Dr Joel helped me discover some coping mechanisms, allowing me to deal with social anxiety and grief. I feel that my confidence and self-esteem has greatly increased since I began speaking with him. He has been kind, patient and intelligent throughout my sessions and I would highly recommend him. Thank you Dr Joel!

Sevenia Khandelwal | Google Reviews

5. Dr. Francesco Bernardi


Location: 2-8 Victoria Ave, London EC2M 4NS, United Kingdom 

Contact: +44 7510 809717 

Opening hours: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM


Dr. Bernardi offers a range of therapeutic approaches, including EMDR, CBT, and IFS. He works with a variety of issues, from anxiety and depression to OCD and PTSD, making his practice versatile and comprehensive.

One of the standout aspects of Dr. Bernardi’s service is his inclusivity. He has experience working with expats and the LGBTQ+ community, helping with issues like sexuality, coming out, and relationship challenges. 

We also appreciate that he accepts numerous health insurance plans, including AVIVA, AXA Health, and BUPA. On top of that, booking a session was also fast and easy, whether online or in person. 

While Dr. Francesco’s skills and compassion are highly praised, his strict payment policies could be seen as a downside. Payments must be made 24 hours prior to the session for online payments, and the first appointment requires a booking fee.

Thankfully, Dr. Bernardi has many redeeming qualities, from his effective care to his approachable attitude. Plus, he offers therapy in both English and Italian which can be advantageous for certain clients. 


  • Specialist in CBT, EMDR, and IFS
  • Works with diverse populations, including LGBTQ+ and expats
  • Offers therapy in English and Italian
  • Accepts various health insurance plans
  • In-person and online sessions available 


  • Must pay 24 hours prior if online payments

Francesco is an excellent therapist and takes time to understand what is needed and the best way to approach it. Having been new to therapy, it could be quite daunting, but Francesco helped remove any concerns or stigma and approach things in a calm, soothing, and ultimately, beneficial way. Would highly recommend.

Paul Gill | Google Reviews

I would recommend Francesco to anyone. He is perceptive, kind, and professional. Conversation with him is easy & effortless, and he is always 100% present in our sessions, which results in really insightful observations. He provided me with the tools to cope with anxiety, achieve more clarity, and approach invasive thoughts with curiosity instead of judgement. While our sessions can be emotionally challenging, I always look forward to them.

Michele Muriyan | Google Reviews  

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