The 5 best life coaches in London for real talk, real results 

A life coach? Why do we need other people to tell us how to live? Can’t we just wing it? Well, when you’ve been in countless moments when you’re just at the mercy of life, having a clear direction starts making sense. There are just times when the right guidance can really boost your soul. […]

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5 Top construction companies in London for your next project

We get it, dodging scaffolding and impromptu sidewalk closures has become your morning cardio. And you’re tired of your contractor’s excuses for all of the delays. But hey, chin up! We’ve been digging through the rubble and found those rare construction companies that don’t treat project timelines like loose suggestions. You know, the ones who […]

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The 5 best swimming instructors in London who’ll keep you from drowning

Ever had that sinking feeling when you’re the only one at a pool party who can’t swim? At the last such party I went to, I was a lot less like Rose and more like Jack in Titanic, clinging to the edge of the pool like it was a door on the water. That’s why […]

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The 5 best engineering firms in London that are shaping the future

Opting for the cheapest engineering firm to save a few pounds? Massive mistake. There’s nothing worse than an engineering firm that confuses blueprints with a toddler’s doodles. Sure, they might seem competent initially, but trust us, the cracks soon appear—both in their designs and your budget.  Faulty blueprints lead to expensive delays and constant rework. […]

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The 5 best catering companies in London for the perfect party

Let’s face it, finding a good caterer in London is harder than spotting a taxi in the rain.  One minute you’re dreaming of Michelin-star canapés, the next you’re facing down a soggy sausage roll.  This is why we’ve done the legwork (and the taste-testing, someone had to do it) to bring you the definitive guide […]

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The 5 top roofing contractors in London for the problems you can’t DIY

Last year’s worst rains saw me perched atop a ladder that wobbled with each gust of wind, trying to fix a leak in my roof. I had just binge-watched a series of DIY house renovations and was convinced I could do the job myself. Spoiler alert: I didn’t. Several hours, one punctured water pipe, a […]

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Local homeowners weigh in on the 5 best home inspection companies in London

When my partner and I were on the hunt for our first house, we thought we had it all figured out. But as it turns out, “charming fixer-upper” can sometimes mean “the previous owner left because there’s irreparable water damage in the attic. After a few missteps, we realised the importance of a good home […]

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The 5 best tattoo laser removal shops in London for that regrettable ink 

When I graduated from university, I believed that having my boyfriend’s name inked on my rear end was a gesture of everlasting love. As time passed, a painful breakup ensued, and I also found a new partner who wasn’t exactly thrilled about the tattoo.  Consequently, I found myself looking into tattoo removal shops. Who knew […]

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The 5 best dance instructors in London who’ll keep you on your toes

Ever tried learning the cha-cha from a YouTube tutorial? A little word of advice: don’t. I’ve tried it once in my flat, desperately trying to mimic the moves of the instructor, who seemed to be part professional dancer, part contortionist, and all inhumanly flexible.  With my dog as my only witness, I managed to trip […]

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The only 5 best window cleaning services in London that left my glass streak-free

Let’s be honest – cleaning windows is right up there with doing dishes on the list of things nobody wants to do. But it’s also inescapable. I found that out when I stopped doing it until I realised I couldn’t tell if it was raining outside anymore! Now, if you’re like me and still don’t […]

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