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Best Swimming Pools in London

Swimfinity and beyond: What are the best swimming pools in London?

Do you know that London is home to many remarkable swimming pools? From Olympic-sized aquatic arenas to secret urban sanctuaries where you can perfect your butterfly stroke, this metropolis has it all. Whether you’re a freestyle fanatic, a synchronised swimmer, or just in it for the poolside cocktails, join us as we unveil the most […]

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Best Cafes in Kensington

Java journeys: What are the best cafes in Kensington?

Did you know that within the elegant streets of Kensington lies a treasure trove of delightful cafes waiting to be explored? Just as Kaitoke Regional Park in Upper Hutt played a role in cinematic history, Kensington too has its claim to fame in the world of culinary experiences.  Join us as we embark on a […]

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Top Axe Throwing Spots in London

Bullseye bliss: What are the best spots for axe-throwing in London?

Ever dreamt of embracing your inner lumberjack in the heart of London? Believe it or not, the capital city offers you that opportunity. You don’t need to be a seasoned axe-wielder, these axe-throwing venues are designed for everyone! The axe-throwing scene in London has been stealthily taking root, creating a range of venues where you […]

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Best Cat Cafes in London

Whisker wonderland: What are the best cat cafes in London?

Looking to unleash your inner cat connoisseur while savouring a cup of London’s finest brews? Look no further, because we’ve scoured the city to uncover the most purr-fect cat cafes for you. In a world where cafes and cats collide, someone had the genius idea to blend our love for caffeine and feline friends. These […]

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Best Shopping Areas in London

Retail royalty: What are the best shopping areas in London?

Whether it’s designer threads or vintage treasures, London’s got it all. But with such an abundance of options, where do you start?  Fear not because we’re your retail guides, ready to unveil London’s shopping secrets! Here, we spill the beans on London’s top shopping destinations. Whether you’re after dazzling diamonds, a sharp suit, or just […]

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Best Markets in London

Market mania: What are the best London markets?

Ever heard the saying that in London, you’re never more than six feet away from a market? Well, okay, we might have made that up, but there’s truth to it! London’s markets are truly all over the city!  So, whether you’re a seasoned Londoner looking to spice up your weekends or a first-time visitor eager […]

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Best Places for Paddleboarding in London

Riding the ripple: What are the best places for paddleboarding in London?

London’s urban landscape is famous for its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and a river that weaves its way through history. But did you know that amid the city’s hustle and bustle, there’s a watery world just waiting to be explored on a paddleboard?  That’s right, you can go paddleboarding in London! In fact, we just […]

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Oldest Pubs in London

Pints of the past: What are the oldest pubs in London?

London’s history is etched in its streets, buildings, and yes, its pubs. As we navigate the bustling city today, it’s fascinating to imagine the generations that have come before us, seeking solace and connection within the walls of these ancient watering holes. These quaint establishments have been serving pints and fostering camaraderie for generations.  In […]

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Feastival fever

Feastival fever: What are the best food festivals in London?

We Londoners love food, so it’s no wonder we celebrate it so often. From upscale gourmet fests to quirky celebrations of street food, the city’s calendar is packed with events both gourmets and gourmands will love. Craving more details? Well, put on your stretchy pants and grab your napkins as we uncover the best food […]

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London area guide

London area guide: What are the must-visit neighborhoods in London?

London’s charm lies in its must-visit neighbourhoods, each offering a unique experience. From high-end shopping to diverse cuisines and pockets of nature within the urban sprawl, the city caters to every whim.  Curious to learn more? Then, get ready for an adventure (or should I say, secure your spot on the iconic double-decker bus), as […]

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