Dating in London – 15 Real Ways to Find Love in London

There are 8.9 million people in London.

A recent poll suggested as many as 44% of Londoners consider themselves to be single.

If there are potentially 3.9 million single people in London, why is it so hard to date and find love in England’s capital?!

The reality is, that it isn’t hard at all. It’s just that people may be approaching dating in London the wrong way.

But what are the best ways to find someone and start dating in London?

  • Speed Dating
  • Single Events
  • Courses
  • Social Events
  • Bars
  • Jazz Clubs
  • Nightclubs
  • At Work
  • Volunteering
  • Dating Apps
  • Dating Websites
  • Outdoor Events
  • Hobby Groups
  • Book Clubs
  • Silent Discos

London is uber densely packed. The smallest of small spaces commanding a huge soaring price. Price tags larger than billionaires’ yachts.

Despite the huge population, high density and vast entertainment spots and catering to every genre of music, arts, and food you can name – it can be a lonely place.

What it gains in size it lacks in familiarity. In fact, those who live in small villages claim it’s easy to find love than those in large urban towns and cities.

So, with everything going against it, how do you find love in London?

Where to Find Singles and Start Dating in London

With an apparent 3.9 million singles in London, you should be able to find someone single and ready to mingle around every corner, in every restaurant and within every bar.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as that.

We’re all looking for that spark and that moment of mutual attraction.

We can’t always explain it, it can’t be forced but we know when it hits us. That mutual lingering eye contact is very powerful.

It’s like a Happy Train on its way to Dopamine Station.

We have put together 15 ways to really find singles in London who, like you, are looking to date.

Speed Dating

Speed dating is a great way to find singles in London.

Everyone with the same goal, most of the time, all in the same room with a single purpose of looking for that spark or mutual attraction to take further.

Speed dating isn’t for everyone though.

Going on a date with one person can be nerve wrecking enough but going on a date with 20 people in the space of around 90mins can be nothing short of daunting.

That said, if you can get past the nerves, it really can be a good way to see if there’s a face to face spark, or at least a mutual click, without spending two to three weeks messaging someone online only to find there’s simply nothing there when meeting them.

Single Events

Single Events in London

With London so huge, and the number of single people so high, there are number of pubs, bars, clubs and entertainment venues that arrange regular singles nights.

Again, like speed dating, a room full of singletons looking for that special someone in their lives but without the interview like atmosphere.

People are free to chat and mingle with whoever they choose.

If you are particularly shy although this can be good because you’re not forced into the whole speed dating event.

You may need to take a deep breathe and just go for it. You could always take a friend. A wing-woman or wingman can be great in these types of situations.  

Dating people is about meeting someone new, so you’ll need to brush off the shyness – just for a little while.


Don’t go and take a course in something you have no interest in just to try and find a date, but realistically the best way of being able to find someone is to strike up a conversation with them.

You can’t really do this on the London Underground, a park or in a supermarket as you may comes across as slightly strange.

So, you need to find environments and settings where speaking to people is naturally done.

You may not know that the famous Microsoft tycoon Bill Gates, although an absolute genius in the tech world, never considered himself very successful with the opposite sex.

Bill Gates words, not mine.

So, he decided to book himself on to college campus courses, where in the main women usually attended, or there was a considerably higher turnout of women than men.

His logical mindset paid off.

He knew that in this type of setting it would be natural for people to converse, speak and in part get to know each other.

If there is something you have always wanted to learn about, a course may just be the ticket.

It may not necessarily lead to meeting someone, but at the very least it will get you used to the social aspect if it’s something you’re not already part of in London.

Social Events

Are you the type of person who usually avoids all social events you’re invited too?

Whether from family, friends, work colleagues or organisations you’re involved in?

If you do usually try and avoid these at all costs, and would rather watch paint dry, you’re not alone.

These can though be really good places to meet someone. Attraction is often by sight, but nothing usually can happen until some kind of conversation is initiated.

This is why people turn straight to dating apps.

Social events breed just that. Conversation.

The art of talking to people and making small talk can be painful for many, especially those who are introverts. I would also consider myself to be an introvert, so I completely understand the viewpoint.

Social events although can take you out of your comfort they can be rewarding.

You may just strike up a conversation with another singleton, and sparks may fly all over the place.

Worst case scenario is you further increase your social skills, which can be really useful when you do start dating.


Dating in a Bar

The old classic.

Bars are considered the BEST place to find and meet someone in London.

As Ed Sheeran recently sang ‘The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I’ll go’.

You can’t turn down many streets in London without finding a bar or three.

Bars in the city and financial districts such as Liverpool Street, Bank and St Pauls are generally full of office workers during the week but are empty at weekends.

Bars with more weekend nightlife include areas such as Piccadilly, Shoreditch and Soho.

There are a few dotted in and around Oxford Circus particularly along side streets, but the main nightlife is really going to be in the three areas mentioned above.

Different parts of London cater though towards different age groups and different types of people to meet.

Office workers tend to head out into the City during the week.

Shoreditch is a great chill out area, with lots of pubs and restaurants catering to all ages.

Piccadilly and Soho tend to attract a younger crowd at weekends between the ages of 20-35.

Look out for single nights in local London bars. Many of them hold these, although often they are mid-week during less busy times.

Jazz Club

There’s something very alluring about a jazz club.

The soulful tones, the ambience, the people in the venue. Together it creates a vibe unequalled in other venues.

It’s surprising how many people also go on their own to a jazz club, and considering that 44% people in London consider themselves to be single, there may be lots of opportunity to meet someone.

It’s easy to strike up conversations in the intimate venues, noise levels make it manageable and the passion for jazz immediately gives both people something in common, and to talk about.

If jazz is something you’re in to, you may want to try out a jazz club in London one evening.

You never know who you may meet!


A night club in London is difficult to meet someone, but not impossible.

The music being so loud it’s near impossible to strike up a meaningful conversation and get to know someone. It’s generally down to physical attraction.

This isn’t a place people usually go to find a date and some can look at night clubs as good places to find a casual fling.

That being said it’s surprising how many couples met at a night club or have at least been on dates as a result of meeting someone at a night club.

At Work

Behind meeting at a bar, meeting someone at work is considered to be the second highest way couples originally met.

Often you spend more time at work than you do at home, and usually with the same people every day.

With this type of setting, it’s no wonder work and office romances spring up all over the place.

As the weeks go by, you’ll find who you have most in common with, who you enjoy being around and if sparks fly, it’s mutual and both people are single – then why not!

They may be frowned upon by company bosses wanting to keep the workplace professional, but if you can manage this in the workplace you may just find your soulmate.

Be open to the possibilities, and also go to work social events if they are being held.

There may be that special someone working in a different department that usually you don’t get a chance to speak to.


If there is a cause close to your heart, or you have a deep rooted passion for, it may be time to get away from Netflix and spend your spare time helping others.

Volunteering in London is a great way to do just that, and many organisations usually welcome extra help for their cause.

As well as the prime reason of adding value, it’s also a great place to meet likeminded people who share the same passion as you do.

This may very well lead to a date.

It’s not the reason to go and volunteer, you should do so to want to help, but the more you put yourself out there to the opportunity of meeting someone, you increase your chances of finding someone.

London Dating Apps

London Dating Apps

We couldn’t feature the best ways to find a date in London without talking about dating apps.

The dating apps have become the most popular go to way of meeting up, finding dates and looking for love.

It’s easy, can be done at your own leisure and have access to a huge number of likeminded people also looking to date.

Sometimes the problem with volume is that it can lead to ‘shiny object syndrome’, meaning you become attracted to the next person liking or messaging you, and then the next person – forgetting and ignoring those you have already started messaging.

Women in particular can find dating apps overwhelming. Many competing messages from would be companions, some not as friendly as they should be and, in the end, it can be stressful to manage.

There is nothing wrong with dating apps at all. So many people find each other online.

Just be clear in your profile what you’re looking for, what you’re not looking for and arrange a voice call as soon as you can.

Messages can be fun but if you, and the person you are speaking to, really want to get to know each other then it’s best to arrange a voice – or better – a video call as soon as possible.

It can be scary, and not often done, but this way you can confirm who you are speaking to, and that things are mutual.

It’s always wise to meet for the first time at a busy public place in the middle of the day, such as a coffee shop, and always tell someone where you are going and check in with them after the date.

London Dating Websites

Although dating websites are phasing out, in favour of dating apps, there is still a large enough number of people that are not so comfortable with apps and prefer to join and log in using a PC, Mac or laptop.

Many top dating companies use a combination of both app and website, but some simply focus on one platform or another.

There is an argument to be had that suggest dating websites are better at helping you find a date online.

Dating apps have an urgency about them and often focus purely on the physical. The ‘swipe left or swipe right’ culture starts to become a numbers game.

Furiously swiping, in hope that someone you match with may message you back. Not having an idea about the person, what they like, what they dislike, what they are in to – and importantly what they are looking for.

Dating websites tend to focus on the profile as much as the photo. At a slower pace you get to find out about the person before deciding whether you’re ready to like and message or move on.

If you are finding the fast paced world of dating apps aren’t for you, and don’t work, then before you give up altogether on online dating, try a slower paced dating website.

You may be pleasantly surprised!

Outdoor Events

Although London is incredibly packed together, there are some large open spaces to be found – like Hyde Park for example.

Having walked around Hyde Park a number of times, I can confirm it’s huge!

The wide open spaces of London attract outdoor festival and event organisers. And there are lots every year.

Festivals are often a great place to meet new people. Everyone excited about the event, a feeling of happiness and excitement are a perfect recipe.

It’s surprising that even if you don’t know many people in the area and you decide to go on your own, you can end up meeting and talking to lots of different people.

Just meeting new people, making new friends and arranging to meet up for next year’s event can be a great way to build up a network of friends. It can be the biggest reason to go.

There are lots of single people at events and festivals and you never know who you may meet on your travels.

Hobby Groups

If you have a hobby that you are passionate about, you’re likely to find a hobby group in London.

Facebook is a great place to find groups of like-minded people in London all passionate about the same thing, or websites like Meetup can also be a good place to find local groups meeting up in places across London.

Joining a hobby group is a great way to again increase your social network, have fun and meet people. Such groups can also hold regular social events and activities.

Just being part of it can help you get out there, but again with so many single people in London you never know who you may meet.

Dating within hobby groups, especially those that meet face to face, is quite common.

We all excited to learn when we have common likes with someone, but to both share the same hobby is a great way to build on a relationship.

Book Clubs

If you love to read, and also love to talk about the books you read, a book club may be a great place to join.

Like some of these options I am not suggesting joining a book club to start dating, but dating starts from talking.

The more groups you join, clubs you attend and places you go to all seek to widen your social reach.

Many suggestions here are to encourage you to look further than just a bar or just a dating app. You are limiting yourself considerably on the chances of meeting someone.

Dating is really two people who share an attraction, an interest, a philosophy in life or similar goals wanting to get to know each other further which may result in a wonderful relationship developing.

Meeting someone is the very first step. It all starts with ‘Hello’.

Silent Discos

Silent discos are such a strange concept.

Go to a venue, put on a pair of headphones, dance, and have fun.

Although a silent disco can be likened to a nightclub, there is one distinct difference. Take your headphones off and it’s quiet enough to have a conversation.

I must confess to not having tried a silent disco myself, the surreal experience of switching off the music by removing the headset to silence I’m sure plays with the senses, but it can be a great way to not only meet someone but also have a conversation with them too.

Also, the strangeness of the event will give you something to talk about too!

Frequently Asked Dating in London Questions

How do I meet singles in London?

The best way to meet singles in London is to get outdoors and meet people. Join local clubs and single events. Also join social network groups for single people as well single nights at local restaurants and bars. Dating apps and websites are also a great place to make first contact for busy people.

How do you go to a bar in London alone?

Many single people go to bars on their own. Sometimes because they are looking to meet someone, others for the social aspect. Being alone does not mean you can’t go to a bar. You are in London, one of the busiest places in the world, and going to a bar alone is perfectly acceptable.

Bars are great places just to be around people, plus you never know who you may meet.

How many single people are there in London?

There are 3.9 million single people in London.

Is dating in London difficult?

Dating in London is no more difficult than dating anywhere else. London is a busy place, full of busy people. London certainly has many places to meet people and lots of places to go on a date. It’s important to be social in London, extend your own social network and meet more people.

Where should I go on a first date in London?

The top choices for a first date in London include a coffee shop, restaurant or a picnic in one of the beautiful parks. It is always recommended to meet someone for a first date somewhere public and during the day.

Is Dating in London Safe?

London Dating Safety

On the whole dating in London is safe. That said you need to take security precautions when meeting anyone for the first time.

Tell a friend or family member where you are going, always meet in the daytime in a public place such as a restaurant, café or coffee shop. Arrange a time with a friend that you will be in touch with them, so they know you are safe.

If you are meeting someone in London for the first time, from a dating app or dating website, always arrange a video call with them beforehand. Be sure the person in the photos

Dating should be an enjoyable experience, but you need to ensure you are safe at all times.

In Conclusion

Dating in London is not more difficult than dating anywhere else.

In fact, it can be easier. The sheer size of the population and a higher than average number of single people compared with many towns and cities in the UK, means a high probability that the person you meet may also be single too.

Don’t just limit yourself to the obvious choices such as dating apps and bars. London is a huge place with lots going on every single day of the week.

The more you involve yourself with, the wider your social circle and more people you meet further open up possibilities for you to start your own adventure of dating in London!

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