Bonding in Britannia: What are the best ways to make friends in London?

London is a city teeming with diversity, culture, and a whole lot of British charm. But amidst the iconic landmarks and scone-filled afternoons, there’s one pursuit that can be as elusive as the Loch Ness Monster – making friends. 

Wanna know more? Well, grab your umbrella (yes, you’ll need it), and let’s navigate the labyrinth of London’s social scene together, one witty quip at a time!

Join meetup groups

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Imagine this: You’ve just moved to London, and you’re craving a community that shares your passion for quirky board games or niche 90s nostalgia.

Where do you go? The answer: It’s like a digital smorgasbord of interest-based gatherings, from yoga enthusiasts to urban foragers.

Say you’re a photography fanatic. You hit up the “London Shutterbugs Unite” Meetup group. Boom! Suddenly, you’re chatting with fellow camera-wielders who know their f-stops from their ISOs. 

Explore pub quizzes

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Believe it or not, you don’t need to be a walking encyclopedia to join the fray. Pub quizzes come in all flavours, from general knowledge showdowns to niche-themed marvels. 

Whether you’re a pop culture guru or a history buff, a pub like the Brewdog Ealing’s quiz night is your intellectual playground.

And let’s not forget the thrill of themed quizzes – from ’90s nostalgia to Friends trivia nights. These events don’t just celebrate your passions, they serve as neon signs guiding like-minded souls to your corner of the universe.

Enrol in language classes

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Here’s the deal: language classes aren’t just about memorising verb conjugations – they’re about shared experiences. 

Imagine fumbling through tongue-twisting pronunciations with your newfound pals. There’s something oddly bonding about accidentally turning “excuse me” into “you have a squirrel in your pants”. The laughter that follows? That’s the sound of friendships being forged.

“But where do I find these language classes,” you ask? Websites like are your treasure maps to the language goldmine. From group classes to cosy workshops, these platforms are your bridge to building connections as strong as Tower Bridge.

Join sports clubs

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Joining a sports club allows you to sign up for a squad of kindred spirits who share your love for the game. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a rookie still mastering the art of not tripping over your own shoelaces, you’ll find your place in this dynamic world.

Ready to dive into this athletic adventure? Websites like Go Mammoth and Meetup are your trusty compasses in the realm of sports clubs. These digital treasure troves are bursting with opportunities to connect with fellow enthusiasts

Participate in photography walks

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In the age of Instagram, a well-curated feed can be a conversation starter in itself. Participating in photography walks opens up the chance to exchange handles, connect online, and relive the snapshots of your shared adventure. 

In the digital age, finding kindred souls has never been easier. Websites like Eventbrite offer different photography walks that welcome novices and pros alike. You can find themed walks that align with your interests and make mingling a snap! 

Join urban gardening

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Urban gardening isn’t just about coaxing plants to flourish, but also about nurturing connections. Bonding over a shared love for nurturing green life, you’ll find yourself mingling with folks from all walks of life.

London’s vibrant plant exchange community is where budding friendships take root. A website like The Plant Swap is your online portal to swap plants, and knowledge, and forge connections that extend beyond the garden beds.

Participate in flash mobs

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Flash mobs are like human rainbows – a tapestry of people from all walks of life converging to create something truly magical. From tech geeks to theatre buffs, everyone is welcome to join the orchestrated chaos. 

Plus, you don’t need a secret handshake to become a part of this exhilarating community. Dance Mob UK is your golden ticket to joining spontaneous gatherings that range from flash mobs in iconic landmarks to impromptu dance-offs in parks. 

Join a book club

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Aside from being a platform for literary discussions, book clubs are also windows into the souls of your fellow readers. Through the prism of books, you get a glimpse into their thoughts, values, and perspectives. 

London is a haven for bookworms, boasting a plethora of book clubs that cater to diverse tastes. There’s the Feminist Book Club for those who want to explore literature through a gender lens, or the London Sci-Fi and Fantasy Book Club for fans of otherworldly adventures.

Attend industry gatherings

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Industry gatherings are magnets for individuals who share passions, goals, and visions. It doesn’t matter if you’re into fintech, fashion, or food, attending these events means you’re surrounded by folks who are speaking your language. 

The magic of industry gatherings goes beyond just swapping business cards. It’s about forging genuine connections over shared interests and aspirations. And Industry Events allows you to do just that.

Get fit and make friends in group workouts

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In a city as diverse as London, group workouts are the ultimate meeting ground for a medley of personalities. It’s a chance to network, swap stories, and even explore the city together after that invigorating workout class.

The city’s fitness scene is teeming with group workout options that double as friendship goldmines. Websites like ClassPass and MoveGB are your keys to exploring a kaleidoscope of classes – from rooftop yoga to outdoor boot camps. 

Experience cultural festivals

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Cultural festivals are like passports to a world of experiences and connections. From Diwali on Trafalgar Square to the Thames Festival, these events are magnets for London’s diverse population. 

You might even find yourself chatting with a foodie at the Chinese New Year celebrations or bonding with a fellow art enthusiast at the London Design Festival. It’s a melting pot of personalities and a recipe for friendship magic! 

Attend film screenings

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Whether you’re into indie documentaries or classic blockbusters, there’s a screening tailor-made for you. Time Out London is your virtual ticket to a cinematic adventure that doubles as a friend-finding escapade.

Plus, the fun doesn’t end when the credits roll! Many film screenings extend the magic beyond the screen with post-movie discussions, trivia nights, and themed after-parties.

Imagine bonding with fellow film buffs over a heated debate about the ending or dressing up as your favourite characters at a themed movie night.

Explore London’s sights on bike tours

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Bike tours are your wheels of fortune when it comes to making friends. It’s about the connections you make while tackling those hills and cruising down those streets. The shared laughter, the high-fives at the top of each climb – these are the building blocks of friendships!

From cycling along the Thames with the London Bicycle Tour Company to exploring Camden’s creative hub, each pedal push unveils new vistas and opportunities to bond with fellow cyclists.

Go on dating apps

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When it comes to forging friendships on dating apps, communication is key. Be clear about your intentions – mention in your profile that you’re looking for friends, not romance. Share your interests, hobbies, and quirky facts that make you, well, you. 

Before you know it, you’ll be making plans to meet up for a stroll along the Thames or explore London’s eclectic neighbourhoods together.

Whether you’re giving Bumble BFF a whirl or delving into the world of friendship on Friender, these apps have opened their doors to friendship seekers in search of genuine connections.

Volunteer for eco-friendly initiatives

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Think about it – when you’re all rallying behind a common cause like planting trees in local parks or cleaning up litter from the Thames you’re bound to connect with others who share your zeal for saving Mother Earth. 

Websites like Do It are the best place for volunteering gigs that align with your eco-warrior spirit. Browse, sign up, and voilà – you’re on your way to forging connections that are as rewarding as they are eco-friendly.

Attend stand-up comedy shows

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Forget the awkward “Hi, I’m (your name)” introductions. At a comedy show, you’re in the same boat as everyone else – ready to unleash those belly laughs. 

Whether you’re exchanging amused glances at a well-timed punchline or sharing your favourite one-liners during intermission, striking up conversations becomes as easy as pie.

And, Science has spoken – laughter is a powerful bonding tool! When you share hearty laughs with others, your brain releases oxytocin, the feel-good hormone responsible for building trust and social connections.

Experience wine-tasting evenings

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Wine, my friends, is the ultimate conversation starter. Whether you’re debating the merits of Old World vs. New World wines, playfully arguing over tasting notes, or comparing your favourite vineyard tours, you’re engaging in discussions that go beyond mere chit-chat. 

From Italian wine tastings at Enoteca Rosso to French wine soirées at Vagabond Wines there’s a tasting experience for every palate. These themed events provide the perfect backdrop for mingling with fellow enthusiasts who share your passion for specific wine regions or varietals.

Explore urban art tours

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If you’re tired of the same old boring icebreakers and awkward first encounters? Well, fear not! exploring urban art tours is your social saviour, offering you a platform to connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for urban art. 

Through this, you can bond over intricate graffiti pieces, marvel at mesmerising street murals, and engage in thought-provoking discussions about the meaning behind each masterpiece. 

You can check out Shoreditch Street Art Tours and embark on a journey that promises to colour your social life in ways you never imagined. Your next artistic adventure and lifelong friendships are just a spray can away!

Go to bars

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You know that iconic TV show “Cheers”, where everybody knows your name? Well, bars have their own version of that charm. Becoming a familiar face at your favourite joint can turn you into a mini-celebrity, sparking convos left and right. 

And let’s be real, a little liquid courage can go a long way in breaking down those initial social barriers. A shared round of shots can morph into a deep convo about your mutual disdain for Mondays. Plus, you’ve got a built-in conversation starter: “What’s your poison?”

Websites like DesignMyNight are your trusty sidekicks here, by the way. They’re chock-full of bar listings, reviews, and event details that’ll have you sipping, laughing, and bonding in no time.

Join midnight ghost tours

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Nothing brings people closer than a good old-fashioned adrenaline rush. When you’re exploring haunted corners and hearing spine-tingling tales, you’re all riding the same emotional rollercoaster. It’s like forming an instant camaraderie over a collective “Ahh!” moment.

But where, oh where, do you find these paranormal pal-making opportunities? Well, The Ghost Bus Tours is your spectral scout. It’s your guide to navigating the after-hours apparition scene, complete with spine-chilling stories that’ll last beyond the witching hour.

Attend acoustic jam sessions

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We’ve all been there – the awkward silence that stretches like a rubber band at a social gathering. But at an acoustic jam session, music becomes your universal language. 

Instead of fumbling for words, you’re strumming chords, humming harmonies, and engaging in a non-verbal symphony of connection.

You can attend acoustic jam sessions by navigating Meetup’s website and it’ll take you to the heart of London’s acoustic scene, where you can strum your strings and connect your heartstrings with fellow music enthusiasts.

Join poetry graffiti sessions

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Poetry is like a window to the soul, and graffiti is its fearless companion. When you join a poetry graffiti session, you’re diving into a world where self-expression knows no bounds. 

Sharing your verses and hearing others bare their poetic souls creates an instant bond – it’s like looking into each other’s hearts through a kaleidoscope of metaphors.

We recommend using Poetry London as your navigational guide. It’ll lead you to the heart of London’s poetry scene, where you can unleash your verses and discover kindred spirits who share your passion for language and art.

Explore underground raves

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Forget the weather or the latest news – at a rave, the conversation revolves around the beats. “Did you catch that epic DJ set?” or “The drop in that last track was insane, right?”

These conversations flow as freely as the music, sparking connections that are as electric as the lasers on the dancefloor.

The party might end when the music stops, but the fun is far from over. Many ravers head to nearby cafes, late-night eateries, or even quiet street corners to keep the energy flowing. 

Resident Advisor is your guiding star for raves. It’ll help you go to the centre of London’s underground scene, where you can shake it like nobody’s business.

Join karaoke nights

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Karaoke nights are like musical confessionals where your choice of song reveals your inner groove. 

Whether you’re belting out a classic power ballad or getting funky with a pop hit, your song choice becomes a conversation starter, instantly connecting you with others who share your musical tastes.

We highly recommend checking out Karaoke Knights as your melodious map. It’s one of the websites to guide you to London’s hottest pop-up karaoke spots, where you can croon your heart out.

Participate in a silent disco

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At a silent disco, you’re not just a face in the crowd, you’re a selector of soundtracks. When you choose a channel on your headphones – say, the ’80s hits or deep house – you’re making a musical declaration. 

And what’s more intriguing than sharing headphone channel preferences with others and finding a fellow lover of ’90s throwbacks?

Many silent discos spill into post-party meetups, where you can chat about your favourite dance moments, share headphone channel recommendations, and solidify the friendships you’ve sparked on the dance floor.

Attend cosplay conventions 

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Bonding over costume creation is a friendship-building goldmine. Imagine striking up a conversation with someone who also spent hours perfecting that intricate armour or crafting those magical accessories. 

Sharing tips, tricks, and even a few cosplay mishaps can easily evolve into lasting friendships that transcend the convention floor.

Now, you might be wondering where to start, well platforms like MCM Comic Con and London Film & Comic Con are your superhero signal lights. These platforms will help you transform into your favourite characters and connect with people who share your passion for fantastical fun.

Attend a concert

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Concerts are like a buffet of musical delights, and your choice of the show speaks volumes about your taste. 

Bonding with someone who’s just as excited about the indie folk band as you are is like finding your musical soulmate. It’s a sign that your friendship is destined to hit all the right notes.

To find the latest concerts and events, visit Songkick, where you can sway to the beats and mingle with fellow music lovers who are also seeking that unforgettable concert camaraderie.

Take part in a marathon

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Crossing that marathon finish line is an accomplishment that’s worth celebrating. And who better to celebrate with than the running buddies you’ve trained with? 

High-fives, sweaty hugs, and shared post-race stories create connections that go beyond the race route, anchoring you to a group of people who understand the thrill of the chase.

Try visiting Runners World UK to find running groups, training sessions, and marathons in London where you can lace up and build connections that are as enduring as your love for the sport.

Be active on social media platforms

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Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are like sprawling neighbourhoods where you can find your tribe. Whether you’re passionate about vegan food, indie music, or urban exploration, chances are there’s a thriving digital community waiting for you to join. 

Plus, hashtags aren’t just for boosting your post reach, they’re also gateways to like-minded individuals. Using location-specific or interest-based hashtags can lead you to local influencers, events, and conversations buzzing with potential new friends. 

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