Capital capers: What are the top things to do with friends in London?

There’s no denying that London becomes more colourful and enriching when you have friends. Everything’s just more fun with a good mate, whether it’s hanging out at the park or even whinging about an overpriced pint! 

But what are the activities you can do with your friends in this city, you ask? Well, let’s take you through the ones our staff voted for as the top options – there’s something here for everyone!

Uncover street art masterpieces in Leake Street Tunnel

Media from leakestreetarches

Location: Leake Street, Waterloo, London SE1 7PB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7620 6990


Located in the heart of Waterloo, Leake Street Tunnel holds a rich history. Originally an abandoned and dimly lit space, it gained international acclaim in 2008 when renowned street artist Banksy curated the “Cans Festival” here.

From striking political statements to breathtakingly intricate designs, Leake Street Tunnel houses an awe-inspiring array of street art masterpieces.

But what sets this underground gallery apart is its ephemeral nature. The ever-evolving nature of street art means that no visit to Leake Street Tunnel is the same. Artists constantly refresh the walls with their latest creations!

Delight in a Mad Hatter’s tea at The Restaurant at Sanderson

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Location: 50 Berners St, London W1T 3NG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7300 5588


The Restaurant at Sanderson offers a delightful twist on traditional afternoon tea. Inspired by the curious characters and fantastical tales of Carroll’s literary masterpiece, this tea extravaganza brings Wonderland to life in the most stunning way.

The Mad Hatter’s tea menu is an imaginative fusion of flavours and textures. But the true star of the show lies in the sweet treats that grace your table. Indulge in delightful pastries and cakes, each crafted with exquisite attention to detail. 

From the White Rabbit’s pocket watch macaroon to the Queen of Hearts’ red velvet ladybug cake, these edible works of art are as stunning as they are delicious.

Laugh your hearts out at Angel Comedy Club

Media from angelcomedy

Location: 2 Camden Passage, London N1 8DY, United Kingdom

Contact: [email protected]


Located at the iconic Camden Head pub, Angel Comedy Club is the ultimate destination if you and your friends are comedy aficionados and in search of a good laugh.

Whether you and your friends prefer observational humour, biting satire, or slapstick comedy, your group will find something to suit your taste. From stand-up acts to improv shows, the club’s programming ensures that every visit brings a unique and memorable experience.

The best part? The comedy shows at Angel Comedy Club are absolutely free! That’s right, you can laugh your hearts out without breaking the bank. The club operates on a pay-what-you-can model, relying on the generosity of its audience to support the performers. 

Embark on a Thames Rib Experience speedboat ride

Media from thamesribexperience

Location: 70 Victoria Embankment, London WC2N 6NU, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3245 1177


Thames Rib Experience speedboat ride is an extraordinary activity that effortlessly claims its spot as one of the best things to do with friends in London.

These nimble boats are not your ordinary vessels. They’re agile, powerful, and purpose-built to navigate the ever-changing tides of the Thames. 

The exhilaration doesn’t stop there. Hold on tight as the expert skippers showcase their skilful manoeuvres, executing impressive twists, turns, and thrilling 180-degree spins. The blend of adrenaline-pumping speed and gravity-defying spins is guaranteed to keep your hearts racing!

Solve a Sherlock-Holmes-inspired mystery at The Game is Now

Media from 221b     

Location: 2, 16 Goodge St, London W1T 2QA, United Kingdom

Contact: [email protected]


The Game is Now offers an exceptional opportunity to unleash your inner detective and embark on a thrilling adventure that Sherlock Holmes himself would applaud. 

From the moment you enter the meticulously designed set, you are transported to Victorian London, surrounded by intricate details and atmospheric elements that instantly immerse you in the world of the famous detective.

Now, let’s talk about teamwork. The Game is Now is an ideal activity for friends, families, or even corporate teams looking for a unique and engaging bonding experience. Collaborate with your fellow detectives, bounce ideas off each other, and celebrate breakthroughs as a team!

Immerse yourself in the world of science at the Hunterian Museum

Media from hunterianmuseum 

Location: The Royal College of Surgeons of England 38, 43 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3PE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7405 3474


Named after the legendary anatomist and naturalist, John Hunter, this museum stands as a testament to the extraordinary legacy of scientific exploration and innovation.

Beyond the tangible artefacts, the Hunterian Museum offers a narrative that weaves together the stories of scientific pioneers and their groundbreaking contributions. 

Here, you can Immerse yourself in the tales of John Hunter himself, a man whose relentless curiosity and dedication to scientific inquiry paved the way for medical advancements that continue to shape our lives today. 

Soar above the city on the ArcelorMittal Orbit slide

Media from amorbit

Location: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, 5 Thornton St, London E20 2AD, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 333 800 8099


The ArcelorMittal Orbit slide is not for the faint of heart. It holds the distinction of being the world’s longest and tallest tunnel slide, standing an impressive 76 meters tall. 

With each twist, turn, and loop, gravity becomes your ally as you hurtle through the slide’s curves, defying all expectations and embracing the thrill of the descent.

However, the ArcelorMittal Orbit slide offers more than just an adrenaline fix. As you and your friends slide down the slide, you’ll witness London in a way that few have the privilege to. 

The panoramic views that unfold before you are simply breathtaking. From the iconic Shard to the majestic London Eye, the city’s architectural wonders become your companions, painting a vivid picture of London’s grandeur.

Glide along the canals on a tranquil Little Venice narrowboat tour

Media from jasonscanaltrip 

Location: 20 Warwick Avenue, London W2 5HR, United Kingdom

Contact: [email protected]


Under the guidance of Jason’s Trip, the Little Venice narrowboat tour takes you on a gentle glide along the canals. Little Venice offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural landmarks, and hidden treasures

With this activity, you can admire the iconic white stucco houses that dot the water’s edge, and marvel at the grandeur of Regent’s Park and its verdant landscape.

You and your friends will also love navigating the intricate network of waterways that connect this charming neighbourhood to the wider expanse of London’s canal network. 

Sway to live music at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

Media from officialronnies

Location: 47 Frith St, London W1D 4HT, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7439 0747


Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club is an institution that has been serenading audiences with the sounds of jazz since 1959. This intimate and atmospheric venue will immerse you in a world where music takes centre stage.

From bebop to swing, from blues to Latin rhythms, the club offers a diverse array of jazz genres, ensuring there’s something to delight every discerning ear.

And as you and your friends savour the melodies in this club, don’t forget to try the delectable offerings of Ronnie Scott’s renowned kitchen. From mouthwatering dishes to carefully crafted cocktails, the club’s culinary delights complement the feast unfolding before you!

Discover the bohemian Columbia Road Flower Market

Media from columbiaroad

Location: Columbia Rd, London E2 7RG, United Kingdom

Contact: [email protected]


Every Sunday, this otherwise quiet street bursts into life as vendors set up their stalls, brimming with an abundance of flora. From delicate roses to colourful tulips, exotic orchids to lush ferns, the market offers a staggering variety of blooms to suit every taste and occasion.

But the allure of Columbia Road Flower Market extends beyond the mere buying and selling of flowers. It’s an immersive experience that embraces the spirit of community and celebration. 

As you navigate the lively crowds, you’ll encounter street musicians, talented artists, and charismatic vendors who bring an infectious energy to the market!

Craft your signature gin at the Ginstitute

Media from ginstituteldn

Location: 186 Portobello Rd, London W11 1LA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3034 2234


Ginstitute offers a sanctuary for gin enthusiasts and curious souls alike. This hidden gem is a place where botanicals, creativity, and a touch of magic converge.

Guided by the Ginstitute’s expert instructors, you’ll have the opportunity to select from a carefully curated collection of botanicals, ranging from traditional ingredients to more exotic and unexpected flavours.

But the great thing about Ginstitute is its interactive and hands-on approach to gin-making. The experience begins with an enlightening journey through the history of gin, tracing its origins from the streets of London to its global acclaim. 

Stroll along the paths of Highgate Cemetery

Media from highgate_cemetery

Location: Swain’s Ln, London N6 6PJ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 8340 1834


This Victorian cemetery, tucked away in the charming neighbourhood of Highgate, offers an enchanting journey that combines history, artistry, an eerie atmosphere, and a tranquil sanctuary. 

Highgate Cemetery’s atmosphere also holds an air of mystery and intrigue, making it the perfect setting for shared adventures with friends. The East Cemetery, accessible to visitors, evokes an eerie ambience with its overgrown tombs and weathered statues. 

Immerse yourself in virtual reality adventures at Otherworld

Media from otherworld

Location: 336 Acton Mews, London E8 4EA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 8050 1550


Otherworld’s virtual reality wonderland allows you to transcend the limits of the physical world. As you don the high-tech VR headsets and step into the immersive environments, you’ll find yourself transported to breathtaking virtual landscapes. 

Whether your group prefers action-packed adventures, mind-bending puzzles, or heart-pounding multiplayer games, you and your friends can choose from an extensive selection of VR experiences tailored to your preferences.

To make the most of your visit, we recommend booking your VR sessions in advance. Otherworld offers various packages and durations, allowing you to tailor your experience to your preferences and budget. 

Journey through the hidden underground bunkers of the Churchill War Rooms

Media from carolynshaw_elevateleaders 

Location: King Charles St, London SW1A 2AQ,  United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7416 5000


Each room in the Churchill War Rooms reveals a different facet of the war effort, from the Map Room, where military operations were meticulously tracked, to the Cabinet War Rooms, where Churchill himself made crucial decisions that would shape the course of history.

Imagine sharing this adventure with your friends. Together, you can unravel the mysteries of the war rooms, piecing the puzzle of how Britain weathered the storm of war. 

You and your friends may engage in lively discussions, debate the decisions made, and even marvel at the ingenuity that went into creating this hidden stronghold.

Dance the night away The Shard’s Silent Sounds

Media from silentsoundsuk 

Location: Next to the Tower of London, Tower Millennium Pier, Tower Hill, London EC3N 4AB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 344 499 7222


Located atop Western Europe’s tallest building, The Shard, Silent Sounds is a one-of-a-kind silent disco that combines the euphoria of dancing with panoramic views that will leave you and your friends breathless.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is a silent disco? Well, instead of a cacophony of thumping speakers, you’ll be provided with a pair of wireless headphones that connect you to the DJ’s pulsating beats. 

This means you can groove to the music without disturbing the peaceful tranquillity of the surrounding cityscape. 

The beauty of Silent Sounds lies not only in the music but also in the ever-changing panorama that unfolds before your eyes. As you bust out your best dance moves, you’ll be treated to panoramic views of London’s most iconic landmarks!

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