5 Best Dog Cafes and Dog-Friendly Cafes to Visit in London 

If you’re a dog owner or someone who simply adores dogs, you’ll be glad to know that there are cafes in London where you can enjoy quality time with pups while having tea or coffee. 

In this article, we listed the best ones we found in the city and what we thought about them. 

1. Verve London Pet Boutique & Cafe

Verve London Pet Boutique & Cafe

Website: https://verve-london.com/

Address: 179 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2SB, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 7229 1348

Operating Hours: Monday-Thursday(10AM-6PM); Friday-Sunday (10AM-11PM)

This place is a dog owner’s dream. It’s a cafe bar, pet boutique, grooming parlour, and dog hotel all under one roof. 

It’s amazing and basically a one-stop-shop for all your pet’s needs. At the same time, it’s a conducive environment to relax and have a good drink while bonding with your pet. 

It’s also a perfect place to socialise with pet owners such as yourself. Their cafe bar is exquisite with a wide range of offerings including salads, soups, sweets, hot drinks, and cold drinks. 

Curious about their menu? Check it out through this link

If you’re feeling fancy, they have a great wine menu and even caviar. Here’s where you book a table. 

If you want to visit the pets at the store, you can schedule some time with them for £5 with a minimum spend of £10 per person. 

As pet owners, we love that they also have in-store grooming services to make sure your pet is clean and smells great. They use only the best organic products on your dogs. 

What’s amazing is that they’re also a place where you can buy accessories, enrol in dog training, and even bring your dog for a dental check up. 

It’s just a haven for pet owners and their pets alike. We like how cosy and accessible it is, certainly one for the books! 

2. Paws for Coffee 

Paws for Coffee

Website: https://www.pawsforcoffee.co.uk/ 

Address: 41 High St, Hampton Hill, Hampton TW12 1NB, United Kingdom 

Contact Details: +44 20 8979 8010

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday(8:30AM-3:30PM); Sunday(9AM-3:30PM) 

Paws for Coffee is definitely worthy of a mention! This is one of our favourite cafes because of their relaxed ambience and amazing food. 

Located in Hampton Hill, it’s easy to spot and go to. It’s a great place to meet other dog owners and allow your pup to find playmates as well. 

What we love about this cafe is their dedication to making every dog that enters their cafe happy. In their own words, they’re not just another dog-friendly cafe, they’re a dog-loving cafe. 

They really go an extra mile to provide a safe space for you and your furry friends. If you visit them, you’ll get what we mean. 

We think this is because their founder, Louise Rawlinson, is an experienced dog trainer herself so she has a great relationship with dogs in general. 

The owner herself loves dogs and it shows in her cafe. Although a bit young at four years old, this cafe has made its name as a dog-friendly cafe in London because of their warm and friendly environment. 

The best thing about this cafe for us? They have two menus: one for you and one for your dog! 

They serve traditional breakfast choices that will certainly leave you full and satisfied. They’re also very inclusive with a lot of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options in their menu. 

For the dogs, there are dog treats, dog sausages, puppacinos, and calves hooves galore. The puppacino, in particular, is a crowd favourite. 

If you also need training for your dogs, they’re also connected with Paws Academy that offers different kinds of training such as socialisation classes and obedience classes. 

3. Barkney Wick

Barkney Wick

Website: https://barkneywick.squarespace.com/ 

Address: Unit E, The Smoke House, 75 Smeed Rd, Fish Island, London E3 2NE, United Kingdom 

Contact Details: +44 7723 188312

Operating Hours: Monday-Friday(8AM-4PM); Saturday(10AM-4PM); Closed on Sundays 

This cafe, tucked away in Fish Island, is a definite must-visit. They serve scrumptious plant-based treats such as pastries, lunches, coffee, tea, and shareable human and dog treats. 

Their vegan pastries and sweets are lovingly made by local bakers and their lunch menu is carefully curated. 

Their luxury puppuccinos are very popular, from what we’ve seen. They also sell a lot of dog treats that come in bags or you can also purchase some Lick & Mix bones for your pet. 

They even have their own plant-based dog menu. They also have an aptly-named After Bark Bar that serves cocktails for dogs on the weekends. (Yes, you read that right.) 

If you’re curious about this, here’s their menu

You can also buy toys, chews, balls, pampering products, and even handmade candles. You can buy all your needs here as a dog owner. 

Not to mention, they’re very environmentally-friendly. All their packaging and cups are biodegradable. They also limit their food waste, and if they have available food left at the end of the day, you can also pick up a bag from them. 

Aside from their cafe, they also offer daycare services. See the table below for the prices and list of services. 

Whole Day£37
Half Day£22

We also love that they’re a space for different kinds of events you can enjoy with your dog. 

4. Pawsitive Cafe

Pawsitive Cafe

Website: https://pawsitivecafe.com/ 

Address: 52 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 7985 0574

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday(10AM-5:30PM)

Pawsitive Cafe is also one of our favourites because of their safe and relaxing environment. We also love their mission to “bridge a stronger connection between people and their animals”. 

They also offer an official menu for you and your dog. This is great if you just want to enjoy some quiet and relaxing bonding time while munching on delicious food together with your pet. 

Here’s a sneak peek of their menu to get you even more excited! Check out this link

One thing we love about this cafe is their dedication and passion toward mental health and animals. This must be why they foster such a calm and comforting community for pets and pet owners alike. 

Their owner really meant for this place to be a haven for people to physically improve their mental health and help with stress and anxiety. Her vision for this place is to be a safe space where people can be surrounded by dogs and feel relaxed and at home. 

So this is a place where you can enjoy good food and some mindful and therapeutic activities. However, this is not a usual dog cafe because they don’t keep their own dogs in the cafe. 

It’s really a place where you can bring your own pets and also meet other pet owners. More than a business, it’s a community. 

As a community, they have some rules you have to follow. We listed them for your reference. 

  • Ask owners for consent before you approach their pets. 
  • Do not feed any pet with human food or animal treats from outside! 
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended. 
  • It’s your responsibility to clean up after your pet at all times. They have cleaning kits prepared at the hygiene station that you can use. 
  • No flash photography at all times! 
  • Please prevent your dogs from climbing on furniture. 

5. Mr and Mrs Small

Mr and Mrs Small

Website: https://www.mrandmrssmall.co.uk/ 

Address: 31 New Cavendish St, London W1G 9TT, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 3904 0607

Operating Hours: Monday-Saturday (9AM-6PM); Closed on Sundays  

This cafe isn’t just a cafe, it’s also an accessories boutique, doggy day care, and a grooming salon. It combines comfort and efficiency, it’s a great place to unwind with your pet. 

What we love about this place is how passionate and energetic their team is. All of them are dog lovers so they serve with a deep passion and it’s apparent in their service. 

We really love the way they worded their mission: 

“We believe in authentic experiences, knowledge sharing and community building. Here at Mr & Mrs Small, dogs are family. That is why we are so committed to inspiring healthy dog lifestyles, one dog at a time.”

There’s just so much warmth and friendliness when you come here. The environment is really conducive for relaxation and socialisation. 

Do know that they operate a strict appointment-only policy. They don’t have an online form but you can give them a call or visit them to book. 

By the way, here are the prices of their grooming and day care services for your reference: 


SizeWash and FluffFull Groom
X-Smallfrom £50from £60
Smallfrom £50from £70
Mediumfrom £60from £80
Largefrom £70from £90
XLfrom £80from £100


1 hour£9
2 hours£18
3 hours£27
4 hours£35
5 hours£42
6 hours£51
7 hours£56
8 hours£61

That concludes our list of the best dog cafes and dog-friendly cafes in London. We hope we were able to help out some dog owners out there. 

Did we miss out on any great dog cafes? Let us know in the comments below! 

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