4 Irresistable Cat Cafes in London You Should Check Out 

If you love cats and good coffee, we got good news for you. You can find them in one place in the form of delightful cat cafes in the city. 

In this article, we list down the best cat cafes we found in London and what we thought of them. We checked out their food and coffee, met the wonderful cats, and assessed what they had to offer. 

1. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Image from The Neighbors Cat

Website: https://ladydinahs.com/ 

Address: 152-154, Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 6DG, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 8616 9390

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday (11AM-7PM); Closed on Wednesdays

This is a great place to go if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of city life and just want to relax in the presence of some cute cats. Established in 2014, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium has been delighting cat lovers with their relaxed vibe and cosy interior. 

They’re well received in the community, even getting the TripAdvisor Awards of excellence for 4 consecutive years. You are recommended to book online before going there though. 

Although they allow walk-ins, it’s still subject to availability. To ensure you’ll have a slot, book here

You can book time in the cat room where you can stay for either an hour or 90 minutes at a time. You can also book some pre-paid food and drink packages. 

Their menu is pretty varied and even has gluten free and vegan options. They have an assortment of alcoholic drinks, hot and cold drinks, meals, and sweets that you can choose from. 

If you want to spend your birthday there, this is also an option. They have special birthday celebration packs available as well. 

When you get there, the staff really make you feel welcome. They explain the rules really well and are very warm. 

The atmosphere of the cafe is calming and you can really see that the cats are happy and well taken care of. 

2. Whiskers & Cream

Whiskers & Cream

Image from Jupiter Hadley 

Website: https://www.whiskersandcream.com/ 

Address: 593 Holloway Rd, Archway, London N19 4DJ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 7263 2888

Operating Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday (10AM-5PM); Saturday, Sunday (10AM-5:30PM); Closed on Wednesdays 

Whiskers & Cream is a wonderful place to gush over the adorable cats while indulging in their artisan coffees, hot chocolate, teas, pastries, cakes, and savouries. They even serve soft and alcoholic drinks. 

We also like that they’re very inclusive. They have vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, gluten free and under 11’s options for you to enjoy as well. 

You can book your schedule on their website or you can also give them a call directly. Do take note of the following however. 

  • If you wish to book a table for an afternoon tea experience within the next 24 hours, it would be best to give a call first. 
  • If your booking includes children below 11 years of age, you have to give them a ring first because they have a strict limit on the number of children allowed in the cafe premises due to their animal welfare licence. 
  • If you exceed 4 guests, you’ll also have to check in with them first. 

All bookings will need an £11.00 deposit per person. The booking will last for around 90 minutes and can be extended in 30-minute slots according to availability. 

For the price list, refer to the table below. 

11 Years Old & Above
Under 11
Admission & Drink£13.00£10.00
Afternoon High Tea, Admission & Drink£28.00£22.00
Unlimited Prosecco, Afternoon High Tea, Admission & Drink£47.99 (Over 18 Only)N/A
30 Minute Extension£3.50£3.50

3. La Maison du Chat

La Maison du Chat

Website: https://lamaisonduchat.co.uk/lamaisonduchatco/ 

Address: 55 Moreton St, Pimlico, London SW1V 2NY, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 20 7263 2888

Operating Hours: Monday-Sunday (9AM-6PM)

This cat cafe is home to 10 rescue cats that you’ll get the chance to meet while you eat their delicious food and sip on their hot and cold drinks. Walk-ins are welcome here but they suggest booking for brunch and afternoon tea to make sure you get a slot. 

Booking is easily done on their website. You can book here

We also love that they host a Vinyasa yoga class every Saturday along with the cats. You get to relax, stretch, and exercise while bonding with the cats. 

If you love yoga and cats, this is the perfect activity for you. They even give you a detox smoothie after the class. 

4. Paws Cat Cafe

This is a great cafe for the three C’s we love: coffee, cats, and cake! This cat cafe will really help you relax and enjoy the company of their feline friends. 

It’s clean, spacious, and relaxing. They even have a nice book of pictures where you can see the cats and their descriptions. 

There are also a lot of opportunities to play with the cats and there are a lot of toys available. Not to mention that the food and drinks are superb! 

You can book a session here, or give them a call directly to make sure you have a slot when you go. 

Before you book a session there, you have to keep in mind the following rules. 

  • Flash photography is not allowed. 
  • Don’t wake up sleeping cats. 
  • Don’t feed the cats. 
  • Don’t chase or pick up cats. 

FAQs About Cat Cafes 

How many cats should be in a cat cafe?

Most cat cafes usually have around 2-20 cats. It really depends on which cafe it is and the space they have. 

What does a cat cafe need?

If you’re planning on opening a cat cafe, here are the things you should probably need to do: 

.Making sure the cafe is a conducive environment for cats
.Buying food preparation equipment and various ingredients for making and preparing  food and drinks
.Purchasing some cat pods, food and water dishes, food and litter,  litter boxes, and other needs 

Are cat cafes clean? 

Cat cafes are supposedly clean because they do have to reach a lot of health inspection standards, which is a bit different compared to a normal cafe since there are animals involved. If they fail a health inspection, they may be fined or asked to shut down. 

All of the cafes on this list, however, are clean as can be. 

How hard is it to open a cat cafe?

It’s quite hard to open this business because it is a fairly new concept. It may involve a lot of permits and stricter health checks since it involves animals. 

Who invented the cat cafe?

Cat cafes originated from Japan, the first one being Cat’s Store (猫の店, Neko no Mise) by Norimasa Hanada in 2005. 

Where is the UK’s longest running cat cafe and when was it established?

The longest running one is actually a cafe found in this list, Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. It’s the first one to open in London serving tea and cake since 2014. 

What are cat cafes called in Japan?

They’re called “neko cafe” (猫カフェ, neko cafe). 

What happens to cats in a cat cafe at night?

Most cat cafes keep the cats in the cafe still at night where they sleep in the same areas they reside in during the day. You can usually find the cute cats curled up in different places. 

Those are the best cat cafes we found in London, as well as the answers to the most frequently asked questions about cat cafes. We hope we were able to help some fellow cat lovers there! 

Do you have more questions for us? Let us know in the comments! 

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