Best Film Locations in London

Going behind the scenes: What are London’s top film locations?

Something magical happens when we see familiar places from the big screen suddenly appear in real life. There’s a thrill in recognising that street corner from a spy chase, or that cosy pub where your favourite rom-com couple had their meet-cute.  If you love spotting those cinematic gems hidden across London, you’re in the right […]

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Best Lakes in London

What are the best lakes in London? Our staff picks!

Think London is nothing but double-decker buses, grumpy commuters, and endless grey buildings? Well, surprise! Tucked away within this metropolis are picturesque lakes that are perfect for a dose of nature therapy.  So, let’s ditch the crowds of Oxford Street and trade the Tube for a leisurely afternoon by the water. After all, sometimes the […]

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Best Stargazing Spots in London

Stars and spires: What are the best spots for stargazing in London? 

City lights are pretty, but they’ve got nothing on the cosmic kind. If you’re tired of squinting at the London sky and only seeing the moon (and the occasional rogue aeroplane), it’s time for a stargazing adventure.   Now before you say it: yes, even within the boundaries of this oft-foggy and bustling metropolis, there are […]

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Best Places to Watch Sunrise and Sunset in London

Horizon hues: What are the best places to see the sunrise and sunset in London?

London may be known for its drizzle and overcast skies, but don’t despair! There are moments when the sun does deign to grace this city with its presence. If you’re lucky enough to be here during one of those rare celestial events, you’ll want to make the most of it. Today, I’ll show you the […]

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Best National Parks Near London

Green getaways: What are the best national parks near London?

London may have its fair share of woodlands, but the real magic lies beyond the city limits. Just beyond the limits are vast open spaces, untamed landscapes, and a breath of fresh air that can rejuvenate even the weariest urban soul.  Of course, if you want to stay within the city for this, you can […]

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Best Spots to Visit in Neal Yard

Rainbow paradise: What are the must-visit spots in Neal’s Yard London?

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in the midst of a real-life fairy tale in the heart of London? Well, in Neal’s Yard, that’s exactly the enchanting experience that awaits you.  If you find it familiar-looking, by the way, it may be because Neal’s Yard had a starring role in the iconic […]

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Best Water Parks in London

Splashes and slides: What are the best water parks in London?

London may not be famous for its tropical climate, but when it comes to making a splash, the city has more to offer than just its iconic rain.  So if you’re on the lookout for a family-friendly pool to keep the kiddos delighted or if you’re a daredevil in search of the tallest, most spine-tingling […]

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Best Free Museum in London

Penny-wise art: What are the best free museums in London?

London is a city where your wallet seems to develop a mind of its own, shedding pounds quicker than autumn leaves falling from the trees. We’ve all been there, trying to strike a balance between savouring delicious meals and exploring attractions without going broke. But what if I told you that amid this financial whirlwind, […]

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Best Farm for Fruit Picking in London

Fruitful pursuits: What are the best farms for fruit picking in and near London?

Did you ever imagine that a sprawling metropolis like London could offer a taste of the countryside within its bustling streets? Well, prepare to be pleasantly surprised as we unveil the juicy secret that’s ripe for the picking in the heart of this city. While London may not have hobbits or wizards roaming its streets, […]

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Best Street Art Spots in London

Street art safari: What are the must-visit street art spots in Shoreditch?

Ever wondered why the streets of Shoreditch are always buzzing with excitement? Because no matter which corner you turn, there’s an artistic adventure waiting to unfold! So, if you’re gearing up for a visit to this eclectic London neighbourhood, you’re in for a treat. This is your ticket to discovering the vibrant, ever-changing canvas of […]

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