Indoor Golf in London – 6 Excitingly Crazy Indoor Golf Venues

Central London doesn’t exactly have the space for large sprawling outdoor 18 hole golf courses, but instead there are a number of cool and exciting crazy indoor mini golf courses to be found!

Originally designed to be a fun and novel way to entertain kids, the concept quickly caught on using the latest technology and advanced design.

The idea is simple: you walk into the brightly lit, indoor complex, and attempt to score the lowest number of shots per hole through a series of obstacles (such as holes, nets, ramps, and water fountains) across 9 or 18 mini or crazy golf courses.

Best Crazy Indoor Golf Courses in London

Having been to our fair share of crazy golf courses over the years, we have a pretty good idea of what makes a good indoor venue.

Here’s our guide to the best indoor crazy golf in London, based on our experiences playing at the following courses:

Junkyard Golf Club

Location: Hackney, East London

Website: Junkyard Golf Course London

The Junkyard Golf Club in Hackney, East End of London, is a whacky, crazy, zany fluorescent filled indoor crazy golf venue we’ve seen!

Top Tip: There’s 50% student discount available between Sunday and Wednesday during off-peak times, making each game just £5.25! – Student ID is required.

Four themed courses are there to challenge your golf skills, and your eyes, including the popular Pablo course, the jungle themed course. It’s fun to go around, and wild as your brain tries to conjure together a jungle and fluorescent lights!

The other courses include Dirk, which will be familiar to anyone who’s attending an Essex rave – Gary, the scrapyard challenge indoor golf course and Bozo, featuring rather a deranged circus setting.

Send in the clowns!

Under 18s are allowed but only during certain days and times, so best check with the venue if you plan to take children or teenagers.

Swingers West End

Location: Near Oxford Circus, West End of London

Website: Swingers Club

The imaginatively named Swingers Club takes it’s lead from the glitz, glamour, and elegance of the rip roaring 1920s!

You almost feel you want to put on a suit, bowler hat and carry a copy of The Times when entering. It’s wonderfully elegant.

There are a total of four nine hole courses available to play, including West End with it’s working Helter Skelter, Roller Coaster and Ferris Wheel.

It’s simply charming.

At Christmas time the indoor golf course could rival the Selfridges Christmas store with it’s traditional Christmas feel. It’s great for a Christmas party.

Food and unlimited drink packages are also available.


Location: Bank and White City, in the City of London

Website: Putt Shack

Believe me when I say that there isn’t another experience like Puttshack – anywhere!

The most unique courses contorted into all sorts of angles and shapes, await you at this indoor golf course that also doubles as a bar and a club in the evening, and open until midnight Thursday to Saturday.

It almost looks like an adventure playground, but the courses have been meticulously planned to encourage only the best crazy golf players.

Uniquely your golf ball is assigned and identified to you, meaning all your scores are recorded automatically – how’s that for technology!

Children are allowed in but only at certain times and on certain days of the week, so check with Puttshack in advance.

There are two main venues in London, Bank and White City. Both in the City of London and accessible via the Central Line.

Putt Club

Location: Docklands, East London

Website: Putt Club

Putt Club is a cleverly designed 9 hole crazy golf course located in the Docklands, East London.

It has a motor racing theme, and lots to excite the kids. It’s definitely an indoor golf course designed for children than adults, but adults will still be challenged by some of the holes.

It’s also one of the cheapest fee prices of all those on the list at just £8 a game.

Urban Golf

Location: Farringdon, City of London

Website: Urban Golf

Urban Golf is a slightly different indoor golf experience in London to the other venues we have seen so far.

I last visited Urban Golf a few years back on a corporate event, and it really was a lot of fun.

This is a virtual golf experience. You stand in front of large immersive screens and swing your driver and golf clubs as you would on an outdoor 18 hole course.

The clever technology tracks your swing and speed to calculate where the ball would have gone, and shows this to you on screen, as if you were playing a real game.

With a bar and live DJ, this can be a fun and competitive night out!

Tee Box

Location: St Paul’s in City of London

Website: Tee Box

Tee Box is another golf simulator in the heart of London, but unlike Urban Golf which has been designed for casual golfers and a fun night out with beer and DJ, the Tee Box approach is for serious golfers and enthusiasts.

Greater London simply doesn’t have the space for a sprawling golf course, so for those who really want to experience the golf lifestyle without travelling outside London can get their fix at Tee Box.

Golf lessons and membership is available to help you practise your game.

What is the cost of indoor golf in London?

The average cost of a game of indoor golf in London is £13 per round. This is reduced to an average of £11 per round during off peak times. Students can save 50% at Junkyard Golf Club and play a round of golf for £5.25. The average cost of virtual indoor golf in London is £16 per hour.

The cost varies between location, venue, time you go and whether you decide to play mini or crazy golf, or if you want to try your hand at a full immersive virtual indoor golf experience in the heart of London.

When to go play indoor golf?

Indoor golf is fun to play any time, but here are a few suggestions for special occasions:

  • Date night
  • Corporate night out
  • Team building event
  • Stag or hen party
  • Family day out

In Conclusion – Indoor Golf in London

Just because you’re in the urban jungle of London, with limited green space, it doesn’t mean you can’t partake in the fun of golf.

From crazy nights out at the Junkyard Golf Club, to the elegance of Swingers Club to the professional setup of Tee Box, there is an indoor golf course in London for everyone!

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