London vs. Paris: Which city comes out on top?

Caught between the allure of London and the charm of Paris? Let’s try to set aside any biases and explore the essential factors to help you make an informed decision.

London offers a fast-paced lifestyle and thriving career opportunities, with vibrant energy and cultural attractions. Paris, on the other hand, provides a more laid-back pace, more affordable living, and rich artistic and continental-culture experiences.

Both cities have their own unique allure, so it’s crucial to consider your personal preferences and priorities. To help you make a decision, we’ve compared the two cities in detail below!

Cost of living in London vs. Paris

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London’s cost of living surpasses that of Paris by a considerable margin. With an average monthly living cost of £3,161 compared to £2,189.24.
This means that the cost of living in London is 44..2% higher than in Paris. This is particularly evident in rental, utilities, transportation fees and childcare costs.

We analysed data from to determine the average monthly living costs in London and Paris. 

The table below provides a comprehensive overview of the expenses associated with residing in these cities, offering a detailed examination of our calculations.

Expenses London Cost Paris Cost 
Housing (Average Rent per Month) 
1-bedroom apartment  (downtown)£1,557£1,067
Cheap 1-bedroom apartment£1,132£806
3-bedroom apartment (downtown)£2,880£2,184
Cheap 3-bedroom apartment£1,962£1,618
Utilities (Average Monthly Bill) 
Utility bill for one person £139£92.7
Utility bill for a family £213£142
Internet plan £27.3£23
Transportation (Fare)
1-way ticket (local transport ticket)£2.51£1.73
Monthly pass (local transport ticket)£119£70.1
Taxi Start (normal tariff)£18.2£15.6
Gasoline (1 litre)£1.66£1.71
Childcare (Tuition Fee)
Private Preschool/Kindergarten (full day)£1,488 per month £638 per month 
International Primary School £17,374 per year £14,165 per year 

In general, Paris boasts a cost of living approximately 30.74% lower than London. This stark contrast can be attributed to various factors such as lower rental rates, reduced utility expenses, and more affordable groceries.

Real Estate Prices in London vs. Paris 

Real Estate Prices in London vs. Paris 
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London has higher real estate prices compared to Paris. Based on the Housing Market prices of Zoopla and Expatrist, the average cost of a single-family home in Paris is 11.72% cheaper than in London.  
Meanwhile, a condo in London is 1.96% more expensive than in Paris.

Between the two, Paris stands out in the realm of real estate, offering more affordable prices than London. 

Let’s explore the table below, which showcases a comparison of average sold prices for single-family homes and condo apartments in these two distinct cities.

Property TypeLondon Paris 
Single-Family Home £1,325,555£1,170,167
Condo Apartment £489,303£498,908

Diversity and Demographics in London vs. Paris

Diversity and Demographics in London vs. Paris
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In terms of diversity, London takes the lead with a higher proportion of visible minorities. Its visible minority communities comprise 46.2% of the population. 
On the other hand, Paris also cherishes its multiculturalism, albeit with a relatively lower representation of visible minorities at 20.3%, as per the 2019 census.

If you look at the demographic data, London stands out with its expansive area, substantially larger population, and slightly younger median age compared to Paris.

These notable differences paint a distinctive portrait of each region’s distinct characteristics, underscoring the diversity and variations that exist between these two vibrant cities.

London Paris 
Geographic LocationGreater London, EnglandThe north-central part of France
Size (Area)1,572 km square kilometres 105.4 km square kilometres 
Population 9,648,0002,161,000
Female Population 50.6 %49.3%
Male Population 49.4%50.7%
Median Age 35.9 years old40.7 years old
Life Expectancy at Birth 82.8 years old 82.3  years old 

Based on data from World Population Review, there are significant racial composition differences between London and Paris.

London showcases a higher level of diversity, with larger populations of Asian and Black ethnicities, while Paris leans towards a higher proportion of White individuals.

Racial Composition LondonRacial Composition Paris 
Asian 20.8%Asian6.8%

Career Opportunities in London vs. Paris

Career Opportunities in London vs. Paris
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Sourced data from Statista and the European Commission shows that London offers more job opportunities than Paris. This is because the employment rate in London is 76.2%, while in Paris, it’s 67.3%. 

Despite the data above, it is worth noting that the average annual salary in London amounts to £33,825, whereas in Paris, it stands at £41,698. 

So, even though Paris has a lower employment rate, this city makes it up for a higher annual salary. 

Crime and Safety in London vs. Paris 

Crime and Safety in London vs. Paris 
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Based on the data from Statista and Prefecture De Police in 2022, it’s safer to live in Paris than in London. The crime rate in London for this period is 8.66%, while in Paris, it’s 6.11%. 
London exhibits a higher crime rate per capita than Paris, potentially due to variations in socioeconomic conditions, population density, law enforcement efforts, and regional dynamics.

While Paris generally boasts a higher level of safety compared to London, it is important to note that London maintains to be a safe city despite its relatively higher crime rates.

For a breakdown of details, see the table below:

CityPopulationCrime totalCrime rate per 100,000 peopleCrime rate (%)

To provide further insights, we have also gathered data from Numbeo to illustrate the perceived comparative level of crime between London and Paris. It’s important to note that the information below is based on survey data and may vary as more respondents contribute over time.

Type of Crime London Paris 
People using or dealing drugs61.62%63.34%
Property crimes such as vandalism and theft57.48%67.18%
Violent crimes such as assault or armed robbery 56.87%55.09%
Corruption and bribery 38.30%44.67%

Lifestyle in London vs. Paris

Lifestyle in London vs. Paris
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Both London and Paris offer a safe and clean urban experience while embracing multiculturalism. With similar weather conditions, these cities provide an array of exciting and historical sites for diverse activities. 

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the lifestyles offered in both cities, let’s delve into a detailed comparison based on various factors, including weather patterns, available recreational activities, and healthcare services.

Weather in London vs. Paris

Weather in London vs. Paris
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London and Paris have very similar weather. These cities experience short, comfortable, and partly cloudy summers, as well as long, very cold, windy, and mostly cloudy winters.

London has an annual temperature range of around 4°C to 23°C. It rarely gets colder than -1°C or hotter than 29°C.

In Paris, the temperature typically varies from 2°C to 26°C. It seldom drops below -4°C or goes above 31°C.

Things to do in London vs. Paris 

Things to do in London vs. Paris 
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London and Paris offer an abundance of captivating experiences and renowned landmarks for everyone to explore. 

In London, you can delve into the fascinating past by visiting St Paul’s Cathedral. For a tranquil outing, you can leisurely stroll through Hyde Park. And you unwind amidst natural beauty in London’s diverse street markets like the vibrant Covent Garden.

Meanwhile, Paris is renowned for its romantic charm and rich cultural heritage. You can explore famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre Dame Cathedral, immersing yourself in the city’s timeless beauty. 

Healthcare in London vs. Paris

Healthcare in London vs. Paris
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London and Paris both have high-quality healthcare services, but Paris is widely viewed as surpassing London with a healthcare index of 78.56% compared to London’s 69.81%, according to Numbeo data.

London Paris
Skill and competency of medical staff69%83.61%
Speed in completing examinations and reports65.91%75.81%
Equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment82.34%87.98%
Accuracy and completeness in filling out reports67.75%79.56%
Friendliness and courtesy of the staff72.44%68.54%
Responsiveness (waiting in medical institutions)43.56%59.94%
Satisfaction with Cost79.02%82.88%
Convenience of location79.30%85.85%

In both Paris and London, healthcare is universally accessible and publicly funded. However, there are key differences between the two systems. 

In France, healthcare is provided by a network of public hospitals and clinics, with the option to see private doctors at out-of-pocket cost. 

But in the UK, healthcare is delivered through the National Health Service (NHS), a single-payer system where the government covers all healthcare costs. 

The average annual healthcare expenditure is £2,604 in France and £2,000 in the UK, with the NHS benefiting from lower prices due to its negotiating power.

London vs. Paris: How they stack up

In the end, it all comes down to personal preferences when choosing between these two dynamic cities. London and Paris each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that can sway your decision. 

So let’s weigh the factors we’ve explored so that you can make your judgment on which city steals the spotlight for you.

Factors The Better City Why 
Cost of Living ParisThe living cost in Paris is 30.74% cheaper than in London.
Real Estate ParisThe average prices for real estate properties in Paris are significantly lower.
Diversity and DemographicsLondonBoth cities have relatively high diversity, but overall, the London population has a higher percentage of visible minorities. 
Career Opportunities LondonLondon has a more favourable job landscape and a lower unemployment rate. 
Crime IndexParisThe crime index in Paris is lower than in London. 
Lifestyle Tied (depends on what kind of lifestyle you prefer)London and Paris almost have the same type of climate. 
Both cities have iconic landmarks that enable you to do various activities. 
On top of this, both Healthcare services in London and Paris are top-notch.
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