Parktopia: Which part of London has the most parks?

Wondering which part of London has the most parks? That’s easy to answer!

The area with the most parks in London is the borough of Bromley, with over 160 parks, 52 allotments and 21 outdoor sports facilities. The runner-up is Croydon, but it only has 120 parks, for comparison.

Of course, more places in London boast lush greenery aside from these two. Feel like exploring them with us? Grab your wellies, dust off your picnic blanket, and let’s check them out now!


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Location: 17.7 km Southeast of central London

Number of parks: 160

Bromley is a delightful little spot situated in the southeast corner of London. This borough has a park for every occasion – whether you’re looking for a peaceful stroll, a picnic with mates, or a game of footy, you’ll find it here. 

But that’s not all Bromley has to offer. The town centre itself is a vibrant hub of activity. From boutique shops to chain stores, Bromley has it all.


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Location: 16 km south of central London

Number of parks: 120

Croydon is a park-lover’s paradise. You can find parks ranging from sprawling green spaces like Lloyd Park, with its picturesque gardens and historic mansion, to hidden gems like Park Hill Park.

Croydon is also a cultural melting pot with a vibrant arts and music scene. You can catch a live gig at the famous Fairfield Halls, explore local art galleries, or even stumble upon some street art on a casual stroll. 

And despite its leafy charm, Croydon is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from central London. Very easy to get to!

Richmond upon Thames

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Location: 16 km southwest of central London

Number of parks: 100

Richmond upon Thames is the crown jewel of London boroughs! Its parks aren’t just your run-of-the-mill patches of grass. No, we’re talking about sprawling, majestic green spaces that will make you gasp in awe. 

Take Richmond Park, for example, with its roaming deer, picturesque ponds, and panoramic views of the city. It’s like stepping into your fairytale.

Richmond upon Thames is also home to the River Thames, which flows gracefully through the borough, providing endless opportunities for strolls and photo shoots along the waterfront.


Location: 16 km southwest of central London

Number of parks: 100

Hounslow might not have as many green spaces as its neighbouring boroughs, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality. 

Just take a stroll through the lush, green expanse of Hounslow Heath, and you’ll see what we mean. This sprawling park is steeped in history, dating back to the Bronze Age.

Plus, the borough is home to the Musical Museum, a treasure trove of musical instruments and memorabilia that will take you on a journey through the history of music.

And if you’re a fan of aviation, you’ll love the London Museum of Water and Steam, which is housed in a stunning Victorian water pumping station and boasts an impressive collection of steam engines.


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Location: 19 km west of central London

Number of parks: 100

Take a stroll through Walpole Park, a local favourite that boasts ornamental ponds, a Grade II listed clock tower, and a scenic arboretum. Or head over to Acton Park for some serious relaxation and picnicking.

But Ealing isn’t just a pretty face – it’s also got plenty of history and culture to boot. The borough is home to the iconic Ealing Studios, which churned out classic films like ‘The Ladykillers and ‘Kind Hearts and Coronets’. 

Plus, the area’s Victorian and Edwardian architecture is simply stunning, with grand mansions and terraced houses that will make you feel like you’re living in a period drama.


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Location: 9 km east-southeast of central London

Number of parks: 60

Greenwich is a little gem nestled in the heart of London, with enough greenery to make a koala bear jealous. 

It’s home to the Royal Observatory, which marks the prime meridian (the line that separates the eastern and western hemispheres). So you can straddle the line and be in two places at once! 

It also has many small parks that pack a punch. Like Maryon Park, which boasts a deer enclosure, a duck pond, and even a petting zoo – perfect for a family day out. 

Or how about Charlton Park, which features a delightful ornamental garden and a picturesque lake? 

And if you’re after something a bit wilder, head to Oxleas Wood, a 200-acre ancient woodland that’s home to an array of wildlife.


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Location: 10 km) southeast of central London

Lewisham knows how to do green spaces right. From Mountsfield Park (a local favourite for picnics, football matches, and lazy Sunday strolls) to Ladywell Fields (a riverside gem with its own boating lake), this borough is a nature-lover’s paradise. 

Plus, with plenty of hidden gems like Hilly Fields and Manor House Gardens, there’s always a new green spot to discover.

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