London’s foodie playground: What are the top food and drink spots in Mercato Metropolitano?

Ever heard of a place where culinary dreams take shape, where food becomes an art, and where taste knows no borders? Welcome to Mercato Metropolitano – London’s best-kept secret for those who believe that a meal should be a journey. 

Tucked away like a treasure trove of flavours, this vibrant food market is a haven for adventurers of the appetite, a sanctuary for connoisseurs of taste, and a playground for foodies in the know. 

Sceptical? Well, equip yourself with a fork and a dash of culinary intrigue – the moment has come to find out the top food and drink spots in Mercato Metropolitano!

The Hat & Tun

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The Hat & Tun isn’t playing around when it comes to culinary creativity. From classics that could make the royals themselves nod in approval to gourmet delights that’ll have your taste buds singing operatic arias, their menu is a culinary showdown that’ll make your heart skip a beat.

One of The Hat & Tun’s crown jewels is their divine “Pie of the Day”. We’re talking about a golden-brown pastry masterpiece enveloping savoury fillings that change daily. 


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Let’s start with the real star of the show – Badiani’s legendary gelato. We’re talking about silky, smooth gelato that’s practically a work of art. 

With a history dating back to 1932, this family-run establishment knows a thing or two about crafting frozen delights that evoke nostalgia and tantalise modern taste buds simultaneously.

Badiani’s iconic signature dish that’s an absolute must-try is the “Buontalenti”. Imagine a velvety gelato masterpiece that combines the richness of cream with the nutty elegance of Sicilian pistachios. 

The Leaf and Cane

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Ever wondered what it’s like to sip on a masterpiece? The Leaf and Cane’s tea-infused cocktails are a fusion of creativity and craftsmanship that you should try, then. 

One of the things that sets The Leaf and Cane apart is their knack for collaboration. They’re all about partnering with local artisans, distilleries, and tea experts to create concoctions that are unique to their space. 

One of The Leaf and Cane’s signature dishes stealing the spotlight is their “Tea Smoked Duck”. Yes, you heard that right. Imagine tender, smoky duck infused with the fragrant notes of tea, served with an array of carefully crafted accompaniments. 

German Kraft

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Imagine sinking your teeth into a succulent, slow-cooked Sauerbraten – that’s a traditional German pot roast, folks – but with an exciting twist that brings the dish into the 21st century. 

German Kraft has ingeniously taken this timeless classic and elevated it to a whole new level of culinary wonder. 

Tender, marinated beef, tangy notes of vinegar and spices that dance on your palate, and a symphony of flavours that pay homage to tradition while waltzing with innovation. That’s their signature Sauerbraten for you!

Hermanos Tacos 

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Hold onto your sombreros, because Hermanos Tacos has perfected the art of Fuego Fajita Tacos. Picture this: tender, marinated strips of grilled meat – whether it’s succulent steak, zesty chicken, or even the veggie marvel of grilled portobello – all wrapped up in warm, soft tortillas. 

With a medley of sautéed bell peppers and onions that add a burst of colour, crunch, and a hint of sweet heat, every bite is a fiesta for your taste buds!

Crosstown Doughnuts

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Do you know that heavenly aroma that wafts from a bakery and instantly transports you to dessert paradise? Well, Crosstown Doughnuts captures that in every bite.

Crafted with top-notch ingredients, these doughnuts are a harmony of flavours and textures that’ll have you singing praises from the first bite to the last crumb.

Let’s talk variety too, as Crosstown Doughnuts has it in spades. Whether you’re a purist who loves the classic ring doughnuts or an adventurer who craves doughnuts bursting with luscious fillings, there’s something here for everyone. 


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Every plate at Juzu tells a story. Whether it’s the delicate dance of flavours in their sushi rolls or the soul-soothing richness of their ramen, each dish is a chapter that invites you to explore the culinary narratives of Asia.

Juzu has a culinary masterpiece that’s stealing the show – the “Sakura Blossom Sushi Rolls”. It’s a delicate pink-hued sushi roll that evokes the elegance of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Inside, a harmonious blend of fresh seafood, creamy avocado, and crisp vegetables awaits.

Hank’s Po’ Boys

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Pretty easy to guess what they’re famous for here: the Po’ Boys. From classics like roast beef drowning in gravy to seafood delights that make your taste buds dance, each Po’ Boy is a work of art that pays homage to the rich culinary heritage of Louisiana.

The Creole spices, the rich sauces, and the careful attention to every ingredient ensure that each bite transports you to the heart of Southern cooking.

Little Sicily

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Imagine being transported to the sun-kissed shores of Sicily without ever leaving London. Little Sicily effortlessly achieves this feat by encapsulating the spirit of the Mediterranean island through its carefully crafted dishes and warm ambience. 

One of the crown jewels of Little Sicily’s menu is its iconic “Arancini Delight”. These mouthwatering rice balls, lovingly prepared with a blend of Arborio rice, saffron, and a secret mix of spices, evoke memories of sunny afternoons by the sea. 

Stag Bites the Hog

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Think of Stag Bites the Hog as the maverick of food joints. It’s where gastronomy takes a stylish swerve into the uncharted realms of taste. What makes it stand out? The audacious fusion of tastes that will make your taste buds do the samba.

Now, onto the showstopper: the “Mighty Beast Burger”. It’s a juicy, perfectly grilled patty made from a blend of prime stag and hog meat.  One bite, and you’re on a flavour rollercoaster that defies gravity!

The French Comte Wine Bar

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With an extensive collection curated from the finest vineyards of France and beyond, this wine bar is a sanctuary for oenophiles and newcomers alike.

French Comte’s pièce de résistance is the “Fromage Enchanté Platter”. It’s an exquisite assortment of artisanal cheeses that can transport you straight to the heart of Provence. It has creamy brie, nutty comté, and tangy Roquefort that’s accompanied by a melody of dried fruits, nuts, and crusty baguettes.


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Arancina is a portal to Sicilian delight. At its heart are the legendary “arancini” – those golden orbs of pure happiness that the Italians have been perfecting for ages. 

Imagine a crispy exterior that gives way to a symphony of flavours within. From classic ragù to indulgent truffle and mushroom, each arancino is a love letter to Sicilian tradition with a modern twist.

The Piadina Project Bar

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Want to be the captain of your culinary destiny? The Piadina Project Bar gives you the reins with their build-your-own piadina option. 

Whether you’re feeling a carnivore’s craving or leaning towards a garden-fresh delight, you get to curate your piadina experience with an array of ingredients that’ll leave you spoilt for choice.

Their crown jewel is the”The Mediterranean Marvel”. It’s layers of freshly grilled piadina enveloping succulent grilled chicken, Mediterranean veggies, creamy hummus, and a sprinkle of feta cheese for that perfect tangy kick.

Pasta Evangelists

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Can’t make it to the restaurant? No worries! Pasta Evangelists bring the restaurant-quality experience to your doorstep. Their pasta kits are complete with fresh pasta, gourmet sauces, and step-by-step instructions that make you feel like a pasta maestro.

One of their top pastas is the “Truffle and Burrata Ravioli Euphoria”. It’s a delicate ravioli pocket filled with creamy burrata cheese and a drizzle of truffle-infused magic. It’s like a culinary love affair that’s taking place right on your plate.


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From crisp veggies to juicy fruits, every ingredient used by Slaw is handpicked to ensure that your taste buds experience the pinnacle of flavour. It’s a farmers’ market in a bowl, and you’re the lucky recipient of this vibrant bounty.

Their holy grail of slaw goodness is the “Ultimate Slaw Bowl”. It’s a colourful canvas of shredded veggies, succulent protein (think grilled chicken or marinated tofu), and a drizzle of Slaw’s secret sauce that’s like a flavour explosion in your mouth.

Street Pig BBQ

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Street Pig BBQ knows that BBQ isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair. That’s why they’ve got classic favourites like ribs as well as inventive creations that’ll challenge your BBQ expectations. Every dish is a flavour adventure waiting to be savoured!

One dish you have to savour on their menu is the “Hog Wild Platter”. It’s a mountain of succulent pulled pork, melt-in-your-mouth brisket, and juicy ribs that practically fall off the bone. 

Nonna’s Gelato

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Gelato-making is a craft, and Nonna’s Gelato is the master artisan. Using only the finest ingredients and traditional techniques, their gelato is a testament to the power of passion and attention to detail.

Speaking of works of art, a one-of-a-kind gelato you should try here is the “Heavenly Affogato”. It’s a scoop of velvety gelato drenched in a shot of piping-hot espresso. The collision of cold and hot, sweet and bitter, is a sensory experience that’ll have you swooning with each spoonful.

The Duck Truck

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With duck as their muse, they’re creating dishes that are a true celebration of culinary creativity. Whether you’re a duck aficionado or someone looking to try something new, this is where your taste buds will thank you.

Once you’re here, you can’t miss their “Mighty Duck Burger”. Imagine sinking your teeth into a juicy duck patty, perfectly cooked to tender, succulent perfection. Topped with gourmet fixings and nestled between soft buns, this burger is the epitome of indulgence.

La Churreria

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if churros are your weakness (and honestly, whose aren’t they?), then La Churreria is the utopia you’ve been dreaming of. With a churro in hand, you’re not just savouring a dessert – you’re experiencing a delightful tradition that dates back centuries.

Once you’re here you should definitely try their “Churro Extravaganza”. It’s a plate piled high with freshly fried churros, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Dusted with cinnamon-sugar goodness and served with a side of rich, velvety chocolate dipping sauce. 

Flower Burger

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If you thought plant-based meant sacrificing flavour, think again! Flower Burger is here to prove that plant-powered bites can be just as exciting, if not more so, than their meaty counterparts. 

Their showstopper is the “Beautiful Bloom Burger”. It’s a beetroot bun cradling a handmade patty crafted from legumes, grains, and a medley of spices. 

Topped with a rainbow of veggies and a smear of mouthwatering sauce, each bite is a mix of flavours that’ll have your taste buds dancing with delight.

The Crown & Queue Cured Meats Stall

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When it comes to elevating cured meats to the level of culinary artistry, The Crown & Queue has mastered the craft. Each bite is a testament to the marriage of time-honoured techniques and bold tastes. 

The Crown & Queue’s crowning glory is the “Royal Charcuterie Platter”.  It’s a wooden platter adorned with an array of meticulously crafted cured meats that range from velvety prosciutto to robust salami. 

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