Dim sum & delights: What are the best things to do in Chinatown, London?

Beyond the sights and flavours, Chinatown offers a canvas of enchantment where the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. You can engage in cultural performances, witness street art, and relish in the small moments that create unforgettable memories.

Wanna know more?  Join me as we dance in flavours, colours, and experiences unlike anything else the city offers.

Sample dim sum at Golden Dragon Restaurant

Media from goldendragonuk

Location: 28-29 Gerrard St, London W1D 6JW, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7734 1073


From the delicate artistry of the shrimp dumplings to the comforting embrace of the pork buns, Golden Dragon elevates dim sum to an art form. Each dish here is like a minor masterpiece, carefully crafted to make your heart sing with culinary delight.

While honouring the time-honoured recipes and techniques, the chefs also sprinkle in a dash of innovation, resulting in dim sum creations that are both authentic and refreshingly contemporary.

Savour a bowl of authentic Sichuan hotpot at Shu Xiangge

Media from shuxiangge_hotpot

Location: 10 Gerrard St, London W1D 5PW, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7445 366666


Ever dreamt of being the master of your own culinary destiny? Well, at Shu Xiangge, that dream becomes a reality. With an array of fresh ingredients laid out before you, you get to curate your very own hotpot masterpiece. 

You can select from an enticing array of meats, veggies, and noodles – it’s like a DIY project that results in a lip-smacking masterpiece!

Now, let’s talk about that signature Sichuan heat. Shu Xiangge’s hotpot is all about balancing that fiery kick with a burst of flavour that keeps you coming back for more.

Explore the bustling Chinese supermarkets like New Loon Moon

Media from adabi_uk

Location: 9a Gerrard St, London W1D 5PN, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7734 3887


Shopping in Chinese supermarkets is a cultural journey that lets you peek into the soul of a vibrant community. As you weave through the aisles, you’ll find yourself surrounded by items that reflect traditions, celebrations, and everyday life in China. 

And did you know that this place is a spicy sanctuary? There’s an entire section dedicated to an assortment of spices, herbs, and seasonings that are the secret behind those mouthwatering Chinese flavours. 

Try your luck in Mahjong at London Chinatown Community Centre

Media from fourwindsmahjong

Location: 2 Leicester Ct, London WC2H 7DW, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7439 3822


Move over, Monopoly – Mahjong is here to show you how real estate deals are done! Engaging in a game of Mahjong is a mental workout that challenges your decision-making skills. Plus, it’s an excellent opportunity to connect with friends, family, or even friendly strangers.

Will you opt for a conservative approach or go all-in with a high-risk, high-reward strategy? Every move you make is a calculated step towards victory or a heart-pounding gamble that could flip the table (metaphorically, of course). 

Indulge in a bubble tea at Chatime

Media from chatimeuk 

Location: 4 Gerrard St, London W1D 5AP, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 3643 1026


Let’s cut to the chase – bubble tea is an absolute mood-lifter. It’s like a cup of joy that you can hold in your hand, complete with colourful pearls that dance at the bottom of your cup. At Chatime, you can indulge in a sensory delight that combines the best of tea, flavour, and texture.

So, whether you’re a matcha maven or a fruit fanatic, Chatime has a flavour that’ll tickle your taste buds just right.

Feast on Peking duck at Four Seasons

-Media from fourseasons_uk

Location:  11 Gerrard St, London W1D 6PP, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7287 0900


Let’s dive right into the heart of the matter – Peking duck. And not just any Peking duck, mind you, but the divine creation served at Four Seasons. 

We’re talking about tender slices of succulent duck, skin that crackles like applause, and flavours that transport you straight to culinary nirvana.

Celebrate Chinese New Year

Media from fourseasons_uk

Location:  Chinatown, London, United Kingdom

Contact: N/A


Ever wished upon a lantern? Well, now’s your chance! Chinese New Year brings a special glow to Chinatown, as the streets come alive with countless red lanterns. 

These vivid symbols of luck and prosperity create an atmosphere that’s impossible to resist. Imagine strolling down lantern-lit avenues, with the night sky above and the energy of the crowd around you – it’s an experience that’ll stay with you long after the festivities fade.

Do Karaoke at Plum Valley

-Media from plumvalleyrestaurant

Location:  20 Gerrard St, London W1D 6JQ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7494 4366


Plum Valley boasts an eclectic songbook that spans genres, eras, and cultures. Whether you’re a pop diva, a rock god, or a hip-hop aficionado, there’s a track with your name on it. 

From the golden classics that make your parents groove to the latest chart-toppers that have your friends shuffling, Plum Valley’s got you covered. 

Purchase unique Chinese souvenirs from Oriental Delight

Media from plumvalleyrestaurant

Location: 14 Gerrard St, London W1D 5PT, United Kingdom

Contact: 020 7439 1183


From intricately crafted tea sets that are works of art to delicate porcelain figurines that’ll steal your heart, every item here is a window into Chinese heritage.

Forget the cheesy, mass-produced tchotchkes that clutter your shelves. Whether you’re on the hunt for a stunning silk robe fit for an emperor, a traditional calligraphy set to awaken your inner poet, or a charmingly ornate hand fan to keep you cool (and oh-so-fashionable), you’re bound to find a piece here that speaks to your soul.

Watch a movie at the Prince Charles Cinema

Media from princecharlescinema

Location: 7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7494 3654


If you’re tired of the cookie-cutter multiplex experience, then Prince Charles Cinema is your cinematic oasis. It’s got character, it’s got charm, and it’s got more personality than a roomful of Hollywood A-listers. 

The quirky decor, the intimate setting, and the palpable love for all things film will have you feeling like a true cinephile connoisseur.

Sip cocktails at the Experimental Cocktail Club

Media from princecharlescinema

Location: 7 Leicester Pl, London WC2H 7BY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7494 3654


If you’re tired of the usual, ordinary watering holes, then the Experimental Cocktail Club is your next stop. Tucked away in a charming speakeasy-style setting, it’s like discovering a secret world to which only the most discerning seekers of flavour and fun are invited. 

Whether it’s the smoky allure of a “Mezcal Mule”, the tangy zing of a “Yuzu Margarita”, or the enchanting effervescence of a “Basil and Blueberry Fizz”, every choice is a journey for your palate.

Try Malaysian cuisine at Rasa Sayang

Media from rasasayang_london

Location: 5 Macclesfield St, London W1D 6AY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7734 1382


This isn’t some watered-down version of Malaysian cuisine: it’s the real deal. The chefs here whip up dishes that taste like they were transported straight from the bustling streets of Penang or Kuala Lumpur.

Rasa Sayang’s menu reads like a love letter to your taste buds, with dishes like the savoury wonders of “Nasi Lemak”, the soul-soothing “Laksa”, and the dance of sweet and spicy in the “Char Kway Teow”. 

Enjoy a traditional Chinese pastry at Kova Patisserie

Media from kovapatisserie

Location: 20A Newport Ct, London WC2H 7JS, United Kingdom

Contact: You may contact them here


Tired of the ordinary dessert choices? Kova Patisserie is here to whisk you away on a journey that’s a blend of tradition and innovation, a sweet testament to the intersection of East and West.

From the sumptuously flaky “Egg Tarts” that transport you to the streets of old-school Chinatown to the “Black Sesame Opera Cakes” that sing a modern tune of flavour, each pastry is a masterpiece that’ll have you nodding in sweet approval.

Dance the night away at Opium

Media from opiumchinatownlondon 

Location: 15-16 Gerrard St, London W1D 6JE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7734 7276


Ever wished you could let loose and dance the night away without a care in the world? Opium is here to make your wish come true. 

Whether you’re busting out your signature moves solo or twirling with newfound friends, the dance floor is a canvas of connection, self-expression, and all-around good vibes.

Here, you can capture the laughter, the moves, and the camaraderie as you groove your way through the night. Trust me, you’ll be reminiscing about this night with a nostalgic smile.

Enjoy delicious Taiwanese Fried Chicken from Ji Chickens

Media from jichickens

Location: 14 Little Newport St, London WC2H 7JJ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7784 312888


Ji Chickens is here to teleport your taste buds to the streets of Taiwan. The secret blend of spices and techniques used here will have you saying “goodbye” to mediocre chicken forever.

From the crispy goodness of “Original Fried Chicken” that’s a delight on its own to the tantalisingly spicy kick of “Hot Spicy Chicken” that’s not for the faint of heart, every bite is a testament to culinary mastery.

Experience a relaxing massage at Step in Reflexology

Media from stepinreflexology

Location: 8 Rupert Ct, London W1D 6DY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7434 3228


Step in Reflexology is a sanctuary where ancient techniques meet modern comfort, and skilled therapists work their magic on your tired feet and body. 

From the revitalising foot reflexology sessions that’ll have you floating on cloud nine to the soothing full-body massages that’ll kiss your worries goodbye, every touch is a moment of pure bliss.

Find fresh seafood at Young Cheng Fresh Seafood Shop

Media from fishmarketns

Location: 4 Dansey Pl, London W1D 6EY, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7287 0672


Young Cheng is like the Willy Wonka factory of the sea, where you can feast your eyes and stomachs on a dazzling array of seafood that has practically done the backstroke from the ocean right onto your plate. 

From succulent prawns that practically wink at you to majestic crabs that are just begging for a buttery dip, this place is a seafood lover’s paradise.

Shop for new clothes at Lilly Clothing Store

Media from danividas

Location: 32a Gerrard St, London W1D 6JA, United Kingdom

Contact: You may contact them here 


You know that feeling when you slip into a new outfit, and suddenly you’re standing a little taller, radiating confidence, and feeling like you’re ready to conquer the world? Well, darling, that feeling is practically a daily occurrence at Lilly Clothing Store.

Here, they have statement pieces that speak volumes as well as versatile basics that anchor your look. This place is a playground for creating ensembles that are as unique as your personality.

Purchase various cosmetics at P2bus

Media from p2bus

Location: 21 Newport Ct, London WC2H 7JS, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7434 1886


If you’re a devotee of the beauty realm, P2bus is basically your Narnia. This place it’s a portal to a world where eyeshadow palettes hold the power of imagination, and lipsticks are wands of self-expression. 

From mascara wands that grant the power of dramatic lashes to blushes that make you glow as you’ve just stepped off the runway, every corner of P2bus is a treasure trove of cosmetics waiting to be discovered.

Browse Chinese novels at Guanghwa Bookshop

Media from chinatownlondon

Location: 112 Shaftesbury Ave, London W1D 5EJ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7437 3737


Ever wanted to unravel the mysteries of a culture through the lens of literature? Well, Guanghwa Bookshop is your literary passport to Chinatown’s soul. 

From classical literary works that have weathered the sands of time to contemporary gems that capture the pulse of modern China, Guanghwa Bookshop is a haven for time travellers of the mind. 

Enjoy the taste of noodles at Tao Tao Ju

Media from taotaojulondon

Location: 15 Lisle St, London WC2H 7BE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 7734 1122


Let’s talk noodles, shall we? From silky strands of hand-pulled goodness that practically melt in your mouth to hearty bowls that are a symphony of textures and tastes, this place is like a noodle utopia. Stop by here when you’re craving a bowl!

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